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Before she was a six-time Oscar nominee for her roles in films like JunebugViceand The Master, Amy Adams cut her teeth on the set of early s Izabella miko bikini series and independent films.

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Even the non-celebs among us can be body-conscious after a baby, Sexy bella thorn Amy Adams has said that weight loss wasn't her post-baby priority. I'm gaining weight right, everything's going well. Even while prepping for her role as Charlene Fleming in "The Fighter," which not only required her to adopt a tough girl attitude but also meant wearing crop tops and lingerie, Adams didn't hit the gym very hard. But Russell vetoed the idea. The fat housewives reading this will take offense, but sorry it's true. She looked good in "The Fighter" — she's at least halfway skinny.

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Did you know that Amy Adamscurrently preparing to walk down the red carpet for the Man of Steel premiere, where she'll be playing Lois Lane, was once one of the "freak-of-the-week" Kryptonite-powered villains in The CW's Smallville? You probably didn't--while it's hardly classified information, nobody much seems to have picked up on it yet Babysitting diaper change spite of the fact that it's already Diane neal bikini widely reported that Adams tried out for the role of Lois Lane in 's Superman Returns.

So far, it seems like she dodged a bullet there.

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In any event, she was in the first-season episode "Craving," in which she played an obese classmate of Clark, Pete and Lana's who had a crush on Pete Ross. Unfortunately, her physiology led her to try all kinds of Cory and topanga sex diets, one of which saw her eat Kryptonite.

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Suddenly, she could hyper-metabolize and become the skinny Amy Adams that everyone who watched The Office shortly thereafter came to love. The problem? She became ravenous, lost control of her faculties and began feeding on fatty tissue--hospitalizing a classmate who was Gym buddies tumblr to her and almost eating Pete until they managed to get her help.

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This unfortunate and fairly likable she did her best not to kill anyone antagonist's name? Jodi Melville.

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Get it? As in Herman, of Moby-Dick fame? Geez, these fat jokes are funny.

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The character recently resurfaced in the Smallville Season Eleven comic--kind of. She was seen only briefly, on Earth-2, and was killed when she ramd Rappers penis size the Smallville 's graduation day. Start the Conversation.

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