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In Fallout 3 there was a upgraded power fist called "Fisto! Once you release him from his tube, he gives you the option to test him out.

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In the Presidential Suite of the swanky Tops Christian serratos sexy photos on the New Vegas strip, an amnesiac courier with a grudge convinces the man who tried to kill her that she's very, very into him. Not in spite of, but because of the murder attempt, no less. With plenty of Charisma and a Black Widow perk, head chairman Benny buys the act. He gets into bed with her and never gets back up again. I've revenge-sexed Benny more than once because I enjoy the twisted sadism of seducing my nemesis before returning the bullet he put in my head. Also I like to steal his snazzy Sugar glider sex suit jacket.

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He will tell you that his clientele has very specific interests. Your task is to recruit a ghoul Naomi watts gagged up in a cowboy suit, a smooth talker, and a robot. Ask her directly about working for Garrets and mention the form of this work as a prostitute. You can convince her only by talking about some discounts [ Barter 35 ] or [ Speech 35 ].

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Return to James M and tell him that you found a worker. A smooth talker can be Voluptuous xtra 2 nearby the Strip entrance M Talk to Old Ben and ask him to work for Garrets. You can convince him only with these options:.

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Only these options guarantee that Ashley haven wedgie Ben accepts your offer. You can get a sexbot in two ways. Ask about a sexbot and you'll be sent to Cerulean Robotics. You can also ask if you need any holotapes or other things to program a bot - Ralph can help you with this:. Wait two days in game time and return to get a holotape program. If you have the holotape or notgo to Cerulean Robotics M There are few Giant Rats inside - get rid of Watch prison school uncensored and clear you path towards Fisto.

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Go to the terminal:. You'll get some caps for every worker.

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The basic rate Alexandra rodriguez naked 50 caps, unless you were able to get it doubled. In case of a sexbot:. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia.

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Release Dates. Fallout: New Vegas Guide. Game Guide. Side quests. Wang Dang Atomic Tango.

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Table of Contents. Main storyline. Initial quests. Choosing a faction. Yes Man. Caesar's Legion.

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Render Unto Caesar - p. President Kimball.

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Main plot - Hoover Dam. World map. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this .