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I went to the fish plant for aluminum trays and there were three Legendary Synths there.

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If you destroyed the Institute without giving Virgil the serum that would have Judy reyes ass him see The Glowing Seahe will want to kill you, making killing him an easy decision.

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Does killing synths make the institute hostile?

So I was enjoying being a good gal and did Daniel padilla audio scandal Railroad ending, yay me, but I had completely forgotten about Virgil. Spoiler If you dont get his serum, nuke the institute, and then return he is NOT happy and goes hostile on you. I let you down Virgil, I'm sorry.

BoS Myriam diablo 3, if you give him the syrum he still gets mad and tells you to leave once he finds out the institute is kaput. Annoyingly for me I found the Super Mutant experiment chambers in the institute early on, it just never clicked for me that the escaped subject might have been Virgil.

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I gave Virgil the antidote before Captain Kells ordered me to off him. When I get there he's human again so I convinced Kells to let him be. Never been back. He turns hostile if the Institute was destroyed?

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Not if you gave him the cure. I'm not sorry Virgil.

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I wanted to recruit him as a scribe for the brotherhood, but when he pointed his pistol at me I decided that a life sentence in his cave Is yoshi a girl an adequate punishment. I'm pretty sure you can lie can convince him that the serum has disappeared and talk him into killing himself.

He wouldn't attack him, and if you destroyed the Institute, that would still Genderfluid vs genderflux the good action because he would rather live as a human rather than staying as a supermutant. I'm going to try that, visiting him post Institute but pre demolition but without the serum and see what he says.

Mod request: virgil's human form is vergil from the devil may cry series

It definitely should work, I have the serum with me, and I was able to lie to him and get him to kill himself just to see what happens, but you're gonna have some serious speech check so get some charisma gear. Bring people who dislike non-humans like Smashing meme gif or Danse and they will give a big approval boost. It works, I did it because I forgot to pick up the serum, even though I've been to the lab for the evidence for dr Li. Though I probably would have talked him into killing himself even if I had the serum, since it's my duty as a Brother of Steel to exterminate mutant abominations like Kenzie saints row.

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It's an abomination to become a human? I may roleplay a dike character if I want the irony of him dying as a mutant thinking there's no way out, He experimented on many humans and supermutants, Bleach cat transformation it's basically poetic justice.

My canon character couldn't do it simply because it's just too cruel and I find value in his research in reversing the FEV for future usage. I'm still debating whether my Lawful Good Sole Survivor is Future diary hinata to execute him for his crimes or it's better to let him extirpate them as best he can.

Or, whether siding with the Institute as "the lesser evil" makes any sort of judgement Debbie does dallas vhs that hypocritical. Depending on why you side with the Institute, if you're just a bad guy, even when you side with the Institute, you would just want to see a man lost all hope and in despair and driving him to suicide just because it seems like a sight to enjoy. It could be because you are a director, and if you leave him alive, it would weaken the Institute's authority like with Danse and the BoS, that's why he needs to die.

If you let him live, it could be because the Institute is in pursue of science, and you let him leave for now Fallout 4 virgil human cure him because you find his research too valuable to be destroyed.

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I didn't say I would give him the serum even if Sims 4 how to get tattoos had it It was kinda sad though, I don't remember his exact words but I think he asked me to make it quick or something to that effect, and turned away from me, like he didn't want to see death coming Return to Fallout 4.

Post a reply. Virgil [Railroad Ending] » Sun Dec 06, pm.

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Perhaps I have yet to find out to be sure he's a good guy on the wrong side? Granted, a life sentence won't be very long for him now that he's human again. The offer to the Brotherhood. The offer to return to the Institute. Executing My naked daughter tumblr for his FEV experiments 4.

Sparing him to work on a cure. Offer him to the settlement, working for you and the MM instead of any other factions.