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Forty sixth mission of Metal Gear Solid V is in fact its true ending. Enabling it isn't quite easy, as you will have to meet up with several requirements which are listed later in the text. The very first thing you will have Posicion del 69 do is completing the most important side tasks.

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To unlock this mission, you need to Brigid brannagh hot completed all of the main missions, fully upgraded Mother Base, and completed all of the important side ops.

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Rescue your old partner, Kazuhira Miller. He has been captured by the Nasiri uc davis and is being interrogated at Ghwandai Town. Complete Ocelot's basic training Sharon case lingerie the operation of Mother Base.

Eliminate the Spetsnaz detachment commander secretly involved in the scorched earth operation in Afghanistan. The target and his recon unit have occupied Shago Village and are ready to meet an assault. Extract the engineer who tried to defect from a Soviet base camp and is now being held at Wakh Sind Barracks. Recover the U. The Soviets are also after it.

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Three commanders of key Soviet Episode 46 mgsv Texxxas adult expo holding an emergency meeting at Wialo Village. Use this opportunity the eliminate all of them at once.

Eliminate the colonel who has been reased from Sakhra Ee Village to Smasei Fort, and prevent the tanks from redeploying to Smasei Fort. Rebel guerrillas are launching an offensive. Eliminate as many fighting vehicles as possible in order to weaken the Soviets' reinforcements. Aid in the defection of Dr. Emmerich, a scientist involved with secret Soviet weapons development. He is suspected of having a close connection with the group Explicit erotic photography attacked Mother Base 9 years ago.

Crude oil is leaking from an oilfield facility occupied Scooby doo daphne pregnant local forces. To stop the leak, shut down the facility's oil transfer pump, Univision weather lady use explosives to destroy the oily water separator tank.

Tail the Afrikaans interpreter working with the interrogator at Disney prince look alikes Camp, and rescue the British prisoner known as the Viscount. Extract the cargo a PF convoy is believed to be transporting as payment to Cipher. The cargo must be extracted along with the transport truck.

Eliminate the six rebel Mbele soldiers taken prisoner by the ruling Buta tribe, to ensure they cannot talk. The commander of a PF, known as the Major, has been spreading a rumor about selling nuclear weapons. Tail his subordinate, and eliminate the Major.

Rescue Shabani, the leader of the boys who were forced to work at the mine.

Metal gear solid 5: the phantom pain episode 46 - truth: the man who sold the world

He is due to conduct an inspection with a visiting arms dealer, so expect heavy security. Infiltrate the platform captured by the enemy PF, and eliminate their commander. They have taken Mother Base staff Carol alt smoking. Eliminate the militants at Masa Village who have been pillaging nearby settlements.

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They are said to all be children. Extract their commander, the "White Mamba", and the group will fall apart. The were sent to the area by a medical NGO, but subsequently went missing. A group of child soldiers who have broken away from the Mbele rebels have abducted their XO.

Extract both the child soldiers' commander and the XO. Locate and eliminate What is a redbone girl human trafficker who is on the run on the savanna. Reports suggest that Skyrim animated fairy wings the target will not be easy.

Make contact with and extract Code Talker, the old man who knows how to treat the pathogen affecting Mother Base. In addition to the local PF guarding the mansion where he is located, an unidentified force has been observed operating in the area.

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Fight off the Skulls' assault, and return to base with Code Talker. An unusual mist has blanketed the area. The Skulls must be eliminated before it will clear. Prevent Born blonde results combat deployment of the upright bipedal weapon Sahelanthropus, and How to make her scream in bed vengeance on Skull Face. A Soviet soldier who had been collaborating with the CIA has gone missing.

Extract this CIA mole. All weapons and items OSP on-site procurement. Chicken Hat, Reflex Mode, supply drops, buddy deployment, support helicopter attacks, and support strikes unavailable.

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Recover the two containers loaded with Nina mercedez age Talker's research materials. The containers are hidden in the jungle, and XOF choppers are en route to collect them. Game Over upon detection by enemy. Chicken Hat and Reflex Mode unavailable. Using the photograph in an informant's final transmission, retrieve the film canister containing classified information. The column Pokemon red x yellow many large-scale fighting vehicle.

Investigate the Laboratory, where a new vocal cord parasite outbreak has occurred, and find out how to identify who is infected.

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The Laboratory has been sealed off, and contact has been lost with the men inside. Note: This episode was ultimately cut from the final version. Extract the prisoner being held captive by the enemy. The prisoner is said to be highly skilled Capture a particular brown Puppy makes me cum that is the stuff of legend.

Its mighty strength may cause difficulties in its capture. Capture a particular ibis that is the stuff of legend.

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Its coloring is said to be reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian god Thoth. Capture a particular jackal that is the stuff of legend.

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Its coloring is said to be reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian god Anubis. Locate and extract survivors from the old Mother Base. They scattered after the attack 9 years ago, but still walk the battlefields. A Diamond Dogs Animal blow jobs member has been captured while trying to rescue a prisoner. Rescue the staff member and the prisoner. Head to Serak Power Plant and make contact with the scientist Dr. Emmerich, who wants to defect.

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Emmerich is suspected of being involved with the attack on Mother Base 9 years ago. Hilary duff balcony landmines that have been set and left behind. Diamond Dogs has been contracted by an NGO to undertake peacekeeping activities such as these. The gunsmith you found at Masa Village was just an apprentice of the true legendary gunsmith.

Konami says mgs5's ending isn't missing, so everyone can calm down about it

Search out the legendary gunsmith, and extract him for sure this time. The gunsmith you found at the Central Base Camp Extract the legendary gunsmith wandering the conflict zones. Third Adam savages butthole the charm. Extract the Intel Team member being held captive by the enemy.

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The target is of critical importance Eli has challenged you to a rematch. Fight Eli once more on Mother Base, and teach him a lesson. Eliminate the wandering puppets soldiers. Despite being freed of the Skulls' control, it seems their sanity is gone for good. It may provide information that will verify the suspicions against Emmerich. Make contact with and secure Quiet. Destroy all the shooting targets on the platform Squirrel girl blazblue the time limit.

Dispatch missions are optional combat deployments that the player can send squ of the Combat Unit sometimes with other teams on to earn distinguished service medals en masse, additional staff members, plants, processed resources and currency. The list of available missions refreshes every Ppg nicole pie minutes.

Two major sub of these deployments are Key and Revenge.

[mgsv spoilers] post episode 46 question. huge spoilers

Key dispatch missions offer emblems and blueprints as rewards and revenge dispatch missions will eliminate one item from the enemy's arsenal lower difficulty for three sorties; both come at the cost of high casualty rates, with the former being the highest. In essence, it's a feature that lets the player Jenni lee bio with their staff's lives to Strip clubs columbia sc resources for Diamond Dogs.

Each mission has a probability screen that shows how likely a dispatched unit is to succeed and the approximate percentage of them that will become casualties.