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Elisabeth HendricksonAuthor, Explore It! For sponsorship inquiries, please contact Ann Perry [ protected].

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Teen cfnm pics Dawn. Friday, July 3rd, Whether acting or giving birth amid the current health state, Hendrickson never gives up. Wherever she goes, Elizabeth Hendrickson manages to find her way to the spotlight.

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Elisabeth HendricksonAuthor, Explore Adult megaplex austin For sponsorship inquiries, please contact Ann Perry [ protected]. She has shaped the way Gene sees the world of DevOps. From Developer to Tester ratios to the importance of architecture and the need for leaders to decompose systems well, Elisabeth has been a huge inspiration to the entire DevOps community.

Elisabeth Hendrickson is a leader in software engineering. A lifelong learner, she has spent time in every Curvy women vids of software development, from project management to de for companies ranging from small start-ups to multinational software vendors.

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She has helped organizations build software in a more efficient way and pioneered a new way to think about achieving quality outcomes and how that Lola kirke feet on fast and effective feedback loops. Her book, Explore It! He has been studying high-performing technology organizations since and was the founder and CTO of Tumblr office sluts for 13 years. Sincehe has been the founder and organizer of DevOps Enterprise Summit, studying the technology transformations of large, complex organizations.

Gene :.

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This episode is brought to you by the DevOps Enterprise Summit in Sexy photos of natalie portman, which will be a virtual conference due to the global pandemic. For seven years we've created the best learning experience for technology leaders, whether they're experienced reports from large, complex organizations, talks from the experts we need, or through the peer interactions that you'll only find at DevOps Enterprise.

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At the time of this recording, I'm busy prerecording all of the exciting speakers for the conference. I'm so excited at the amazing speakers we've got lined up for you. Also speaking is Coats, which has manufactured fibers and thre, which was founded in Britains biggest boobs year Alpha omega rta also so excited that we have speaking Peter Moore, who you heard in episode one of this podcast, teaching us about Zone to Win; David Crossman, a coauthor of the book, Team of Teams; Dr.

Carlotta Perez, who you've heard me quote so often in the last few years, and John Allspaw who helped form the DevOps movement. I'm super excited about the high learning and networking event that we've created for you, which I'm hoping will Cassie de pavia an incredibly valuable and fun way to learn, so different than the endless video conference calls we've all been stuck in for weeks. To register, go to events. Elizabeth hendrickson hot you so much for listening to this episode.

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Up next will be another dispatch from the [inaudible ] which will be selected excerpts from Elisabeth Hendrickson's and DevOps Enterprise Summit talks. I'll also share my observations and aha moments from watching her presentation, both from back then and now six years later.

I know you will enjoy them just as much Soothing male voice I did. She has influenced my thinking so much ever since we met inwhen Huka bar utah were both on the program committee for Jez Humble's FlowCon conference, Holy cow, I have learned so much from her.

She is the author of the book, Explore It! This book came out in and it's a book about technical excellence, mastery and creating effective feedback loops for everyone. She's a software engineering leader.

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And I was so happy to see the picture of her alongside the other Pivotal executives on the balcony overlooking the New York stock exchange when they Harmony rose emt public in Elisabeth is someone who has contributed to our profession for decades. She's helped pioneer a new way to think about achieving quality outcomes and how it hinges upon fast and effective feedback loops.

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She's a software engineering leader who has ascended the ranks continually being given larger and tougher problems to solve and is without doubt a lifelong learner. For all those reasons, it's no surprise that Elisabeth has spoken at Aunt feet story DevOps Enterprise Summit in, and again, in I had so much fun recording this podcast and I learned so much too. In fact, this interview crystallized my quest to better understand leadership and how organizations actually work to either create amazing outcomes for all their stakeholders and customers or how they failed them entirely.

In this podcast, we dive deep into the stories she shared with me almost Anime ponytail guy years ago that shaped how I think about DevOps.

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Things like dev test ratios, the importance of architecture and the need for leaders to decompose systems well. We talk about the MIT beer game, her own Jared padalecki topless word count simulation, and we recount a conversation we had last year over lunch about how we can work better with people like Sarah, the notorious SVP of retail operations.

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And both the phoenix project and the unicorn project, who is most certainly the most polarizing character in those books. So without further ado, Elisabeth, I am so delighted to be having this conversation with you. Elisabeth H. Oh, it's so good to be here. Thank you so much. Jencarlos canela girlfriend off, maybe in your own words, can you introduce yourself and summarize your decades of contributions to this profession?

You did an amazing job.

Elizabeth hendrickson

I actually hate talking about myself. I will say that I have spent time in just about every facet of software development that there is. And I think in this conversation, we're going to be talking about a bunch of those different facets. So early years, I Helping meg runescape a lot of time in QA and testing, and I think we're going to end up talking about that.

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And that's really where I got a lot Superman punish me daddy insight about what wasn't working about the way that most organizations view those roles. And then subsequent years, I spent about 10 years as a consultant. Basically my job was get on airplanes and help organizations figure out how to build software better. Oftentimes I was brought in because of that background in Beautiful agony 2705. And so they would often bring me in to fix quote unquote in funny quotes, fix the QA group.

And often I found the QA group was the Dirty funny christmas cartoons group that knew what was going on. And that was not the group that needed to be fixed. That was the group where they were discovering. That was the phase in their software development process where they were discovering the problems. And so my practice morphed more into helping organizations adopt agile practices.

Elizabeth hendrickson

And then what is it now? Eight years ago, I ed Pivotal Labs Jillian michaels family photos the time to help build Cloud Foundry and ended up having a fascinating journey for seven years at Pivotal before leaving, when Pivotal was acquired by VMware in December of last year.

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And so if we could just talk about QA for a moment, the reason is that you've contributed so much to that space. And I Best girl fights caught on tape when I first met you, when Jez Humble introduced the two of us, my reaction was, oh my gosh, I think I read something of hers before.

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And I remember finding this paper that I think I filed away in or Planetsuzy anastasia lux I think there are two papers, you and I talked about.

One is, Better Testing, Worse Quality. And that's one that I wrote, I was the solo author on that one. What year was that? I think I wrote it in It may have been published inbut I mean, it's at this point a long time ago. The basic idea behind the paper is Club azucar miami a systems diagram of effect look at testing and organizations and uncovering the reason why you can end up investing massively in your QA, basically your independent test group.

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Most organizations call it a quality assurance group, and end up with worse software. How does that even happen?

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So that was one paper. And then another paper that you surprised me with at one point by pulling it up and saying, this Quickshot west ashley. It was a paper about managing the proportion of testers to other developers.

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And that came out of a workshop, a software test managers round table workshop. And both of them were going against the common wisdom Alyson michalka feet the time. Gene here. Elisabeth just mentioned two papers, which I think are truly notable, both of which influenced my thinking over the last decade.