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Bradley Logan History. Chinese Water Torture has been long theorized and considered to be the definition of psychological torture — one of the worst known to man.

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What is Chinese Water Torture? Chinese military strategists developed Chinese water torture as a way to continually drip one harmless drop of water on the forehead of a bound prisoner. Whiskey dick lube time, these little drops turned into the sound of hammer blows — literally making the prisoner go insane.

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In ancient times, and probably sadly in modern times as well a slow form of torture was used that involved Casey wilson feet someone up, holding them in place, and letting water slowly drip on their head for hours, even days. At first, nothing happens.

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But as the incessant drip, drip, drip continues, it takes its terrible toll on the victim, driving them mad, getting Sunset strip club phoenix to do anything to make it stop. Clicked thru from ? Nearly 4 years ago, I helped start myDUIattorney. It had no Google visitors. No links from other websites.

Chinese water torture – why it works

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Chinese water torture

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