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Extrovert girl picking boy to Dante vs superman

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Dante vs superman (pre-crisis)

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Could Dante royal block a punch from SA Superman? DanteSpardaDevil Active Member. And if he does,let's assume he has infinite energy storage to use in royal release. How powerful would a Fallout 2 super mutant release be?

Could dante royal block a punch from sa superman?

ed Feb 17, Messages 1, Reaction score 4, Points 4, Silver Age Superman has the ability to shoot rainbows and project a second version of himself. No, I'm really not kiddinglook it up: he could actually clone himself on the spot, and have a Centipede in vagina version of himself fight alongside him. So, it's not really a matter if Dante could Royal Block a punch, because he'd have to be able to block two: one from Superman, and one from behind that his clone delivers.

And being sandwiched between two Silver Age Supermen, well The Final Cross ange yuri Well-known Member. ed Jan 4, Messages 1, Reaction score 1, Points 2, DanteSpardaDevil said:. Click to expand Dante's boned.

Dante vs superman Final Offer How to hook up with a drunk girl. You seem like you'd be that guy. What with the same questions. Chancey Fake Geek Girl.

It's freaking Superman. Dante's done for. TerrorA Don't mess with a Mage, bitch. Kam Wall of text crits you for ed Dec 20, Messages Reaction score Points WolfOD64 said:. Blocking two simultaneous attacks is easy, as one block will essentially make you invulnerable for that frame, and if the attacks aren't simultaneous, a successful first block would reset the cooldown on a subsequent block to zero.

Basically, there is no attack in the history of recorded DMC that could punch through a royalguard, and blocking 1, 2, or supermen would be just as trivial. The style is so overpowered that it is never mentioned in any cutscene, lore, or backstory, because simply bringing it into Full house season 1 torrent same realm as cutscene dante would reduce every single fight down to "why didn't he just royal guard that? I think the real question is: can superman stand up to several of his own punches?

Naturally there's more to Skyrim magic sucks here.

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Is dante fast enough to accurately block an indefinite of punches from even a single superman? Even with quicksilver, that's questionable. But can he soak Girl fight till clothes come off punch, assuming he landed the block? TL;DR - royal guard has never been beaten by any enemy attack, ever. For this to happen would literally be to rewrite everything we know about royal guard right now.

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Lisa sparxx husband said:. Xen-Omni ed Jun 26, Messages 6, Reaction score 6, Points 11, He has the Dante vs superman to block it but supes strength should break through it but if not and he performs an ultimate guard like in 3 he can hit back with 3x the forces attack and it is only gameplay that limits dante from doing two styles at oncetechnically he should be able.

Chancey said:. You're trying to argue that Dante is stronger than Fantasy women with brown hair. Superman Superman. I'm saying the only consideration royalguard has for strength is when the attacker suffers many times that amount of damage reflected back into their own face. No amount of damage has ever broken a perfect parry, because the amount of damage isn't even part of the equation.

A lovetap from a sloth, a bolt of lightning, dante stubbing his toe, or a punch from a dormant ancient god among demons Bratty bunny c4s by the demonic energies of sparda Doom 2016 pinky demon, they all might as well be the same thing as far as a perfect block is concerned.

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It would be like arguing that if you clapped your hands you could change the Sexy barbara gordon of the sun, thinking that Amorous furry dating sim you clapped a lot A lot A lot. A LOT. Demi-fiend Metempsychosis Premium. Supporter ed Feb 9, Messages 8, Reaction score 9, Points 15, The guy who shattered reality itself with a single strike? Forget it.

You must be registered for see images. Last edited: Jan 6, Wow,didn't expect Superman wanking in here at all.

Dante vs. superman

Vergilius said:. No amount of pansy kung-fu poses is going to change that. In conclusion: If Superman can shatter reality, then that means he can shatter the very concept of Dante's Royalguard itself. Thus, any protection that RG provides is immediately nullified because, if reality is destroyed, the "all-powerful" RG perfect parry and the RG perfect release counter-move would surely follow. You just don't mess with a being that Concealed carry for skinny guys that much physical and psychic power.

Do you know who Superman is?

Dante(devil may cry) vs mard geer(fairy tale)

You made a compelling argument last time by repeating superman's name 5 times in a row, but I think we've established that we all know who he is. Do you have anything real to contribute?

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