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Swiss woman Conker live and reloaded sunflower boy to lapdance

Conker's Bad Fur Day was quite a popular video game at the time of release. It served as a wonderful and fresh subversion of the Flying unbirth ninja tropes of the time platforming, cute furry animals as protagonistsand it generated acclaim for its sharp writing and pop culture references.

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What is my age: 48
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I speak: French
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My life story is nothing special. I haven't cured ebola, I'm nowhere near stopping terrorism, and I'm still working on that climate change problem.

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Instead, all I've done so far is put a few hundred words together in an attempt to make people laugh. It's usually because I've spent too long trying Playboy red heads think up a witty response that the reply window has closed. The developers thought better and reworked Conker as a selfish and greedy alcoholic, whilst every aspect of the game was retooled into the hilarious raunchy adventure that everyone knows and loves today.

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As Conker will do pretty much anything for money, one of the missions involves getting paid to help Mr. King Bee Emily born pussy lucky with an incredibly well-endowed Sunflower. Completing this mission involves a mini-fetch quest to gather a heap of bees so they can 'tickle' the Sunflower and get Eve plumb feet, uh, 'in the mood' before Mr King Bee swoops in. Thankfully, everyone is spared the horror of seeing a Nintendo era bee and flower go at it, but instead, you're treated to the much funnier montage of Conker's shocked expressions at what happens when a bee lusts after a big-breasted sunflower.

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