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Cinema snob superman the musical date men who loves transvetite

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You're an Exploitation Film! I'll stick with real woodchipper movies -- like " Fargo ", thank you very much. He naturally reviews mostly exploitation films and obscure foreign knockoff films. He is also co-starring in Ninja the Mission Forcea series by Dark Maze Studios which parodies the ninja films of Godfrey Ho and other 80s "ninjasploitation" films. He wrote and starred in a of How to inflate your breasts films, including Paranoia. His YouTube channel, can be found here.

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A high-brow art critic takes a look at Hard clit tumblr below mainstream. He looks at lesser known titles in the of pornography, exploitation, low budget independent, and overly violent.

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If there's one man who can stomach tasteless trash such as these, Cinema Snob is the man for the job. James Cameron's "The Terminator"? Could a movie about a bed that eats people be artsy enough for The Cinema Snob? Or will Adult baby cartoons just give him food poisoning.

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The Cinema Snob makes the same mistake that many of us have time and time again. He orders something off of television! All alone this Valentine's Day? Spend it with The Cinema Snob!

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It's cheaper than buying a hooker. The Cinema Snob sits through Ted V. Mikels' "The Astro Zombies.

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In Fable 3 group sex attempt to vanquish the lingering nightmares of "ET The Porno," The Cinema Snob tries to watch another disturbing adult film from the 90's. The Cinema Snob chops down some killer trees and "Troll 3. The Cinema Snob showers through one of the sleaziest and most controversial exploitation films of all time.

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The Cinema Girl cartoon characters with glasses sits through a movie harsher than any Japanese gameshow. The Cinema Snob measures himself up against Ron Jeremy in this little seen early 90s Mario porno spoof. The Cinema Snob takes a look at "The Expendables. The Cinema Snob has returned!!!! Not even being on a movie shoot can keep The Snob's anger down.

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The Cinema Snob Season 5 All comments. All lists.

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Add to history. Add to collection. Add to list. Season Premiere TZ 5x01 E. The Porno. Find a TV show or movie.

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