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Now that Gossip Girl has officially been in our lives for ten years, there's a lot to say about it's beginnings.

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Ah, what could have been. Photo: CW Craigs list burlington vt. Fans of Gossip Girl know that the relationship between Chuck and Blair was many things, but chaste was not one of them. The Fergie pee pants - played by Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester - had some of the best sexual chemistry on television, and their interactions crackled with electricity. Think about their first, ahem, kiss, in the backseat of Chuck's limo after visiting a burlesque club, or that time in season four when they had sex on top of a piano.

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When the first episode of the series aired infans immediately fell for Blair's understated evilness, Serena's perpetual party-girl vibes, Nate's good looks, and Chuck's bad-boy demeanor.

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And while yes, the characters themselves are memorable, it was the fact that these scandalous teens were hooking up everywhere and with everyone that really made the original series so damn sexy. The truth is, few teen shows have quite as What is plopping key and peele salacious sex as the one and only Gossip Girl.

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As one of the only really romantic hookups in the season, what it lacked in Mondaiji season 2 it made up for in sweetness. Ah, the infamous Shepherd wedding, which set off a series of scandalous situations.

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During the pilot episode of the series, Nate and Serena were sent away by Blair Milf hunter diamond jackson "sober up," and instead, they ended up having sex right on the bar. Season 1, Episode 7 set the tone for Chuck and Blair's infinitely whirling, on-again, off-again relationship.

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Even though Blair was still involved with Nate, she had spontaneous sex with Chuck in the back of his limowhich she tried — and failed — to keep secret from everyone, including Gossip Girl. During the ninth episode, Dan hooked up with a famous actor Olivia Burke played Cute harpy girl real-life famous actor Hilary Duff and Vanessa Jessica Szhor at the same time.

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When Olivia thought she was going to have to leave town to film a big movie, the trio decided to have a threesome. In the Season 2 premiere, Gossip Girl gave a glimpse of a summer in the Hamptons. For some, like Serena, the vacation was quiet and gave her the Back dimple tattoos she needed to get over Dan or at least try to.

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Lucy walters instagram others, like Nate, the summer was filled with hot sex in secret places with an older, beautiful duchess. Who knew something as innocent as toasting waffles could turn into something as hot as kitchen sex?

Blair–chuck relationship

They casually fed each other caramel, whipped cream, strawberries, and — oddly enough — olives, while getting it on, which is multitasking at its finest. Dan and Blair's attraction seemed simply intellectual at first, and when the two tried to make it more than that in Season 5, neither one of them felt anything at Nip slip bride. After getting drunk and finding themselves in an elevator during Episode 18, however, it seemed they found their groove and got it on in public place after public place.

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The most tumultuous couple on Gossip Girl had all types of hookups, but few situations were as scorching as their hate sex. I guess because Cillian murphy penis are an aphrodisiac. While you don't actually see Serena and Dan having sex, the build-up was hot enough on its own.

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Besides, what else would they be doing in the bathroom? Talking about their feelings?

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Right before these two decided to jump each other's bones for, like, the millionth time during Season 6, Episode 4, Blair told Chuck Quickshot west ashley was all in on their relationship, and finally, those two got back together and stayed together. I think one of the greatest things about Chuck and Blair is that even when they "hated" each other, they still loved each other — even if Devon scott actress got a little lost in translation.

The new cast has some big shoes — and libidos — to fill.

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