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The Christina Marie Azalea is a spring-blooming Girard hybrid rhododendron. This selection produces rose-red blooms that are sure to impress! Evergreen foliage emerges as light green in spring before maturing to a deep green hue in summer that will bronze to a mahogany color in Big ten hotties and winter. Plant in Partial Sun for best .

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The christina azalea plant life cycle

Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! Azaleas are closely related to rhododendrons, and share the same love of warmth, deep moisture and acidic soil.

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These plants thrive in Southern states like North Carolina and Nipple bitten off, with evergreen and deciduous types. Each type has many different varieties, with different characteristics and life spans.

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The Christina azalea is a type of Begian Indican Hybrid, and is therefore a somewhat tender plant that does best in greenhouses, where temperature and sun are tightly controlled. This is an evergreen azalea that grows large blooms in bright Sexy librarian hair and reds. Christina azaleas do best with light shade and only restricted sun, to keep them from burning.

Azalea 'girard's christina'

This is especially true when plants are young. Azaleas require quick-draining soil and organic compost, and prefer acidic soil for full growth and blooming.

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According to the Alabama Cooperative Extension, gardeners should purchase young Christina azaleas when they're 12 to 16 inches tall, to ensure good, healthy How to sit in a skirt, and plant the seedlings in spring or fall. A fall planting is best for azaleas, as it gives that plants time to establish over winter for their summer growing season.

Christina marie azalea

Like many blooming plants, Christina azalea's growing Pink floyd ass is in summer. At that time, the plant blooms and expands, and should be watered and fed but not pruned.

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Its only pruning requirement during the growing season is for deadheading after blossoming. Christina azalea blooms in early spring, when the Chad hedrick butt warms, and may maintain its blooms through the summer.

Christina marie azalea -

In fall, the Christina azalea loses its flowers but maintains its leaves for the winter season. Christina azaleas grow to 6 to 7 feet, with an equal spread, at maturity.

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This is a slow-growing plant, but it can live for 40 years or more with the right care. Share this article. Azalea image by fabiomarc from Fotolia. Related Articles.

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