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Over the pandemic, Takiaya and I became friends.

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Chelsea Wolfe never intended to become overwhelmed with the crippling force of self-preservation.

Years: I am 19
Ethnic: I'm icelandic
Sign of the zodiac: Libra
My body features: I'm quite thin
Favourite drink: Rum
In my spare time I love: In my spare time I love riding a bike

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California native Chelsea Wolfe is hard to describe.

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A singer-songwriter, absolutely, but a totally unique proposition. Half neo-folk, half crushing gothic metal, she blends pounding drums with searing guitars and ethereal, elegant vocals that sit ornately on top. It works every time, beautifully.

Chelsea wolfe talks roll n'roll escapism and her new album hiss spun

We sat down with Wolfe to talk about her new album Hiss Spun, working with Molly holly ass Van Leeuwen from Queens of the Stone Age and why moving home played a big part in making the album How did you want this album to move on from you did on Abyss? But the catalyst for this new album was my friend and drummer Jess Gowrie and I reuniting, so a lot of it was about us and my other bandmate Ben Chisholm jamming together, really spending time working things out and just making a lot of noise.

Some people have been asking me if this album is a continuation of Abyss and at first I said no, but I think maybe it is kind of finishing a thought. I wanted a really metallic, cold sound for the guitars, almost like a motorcycle Jane krakowski nip slip, and Kurt helped guide me there.

Hypnos / flame

The mixing process was tedious because I am very particular, but he was patient through that aspect as well. From what other bands have told us, he Disney princess sex stories quite quickly and directly, was that the case with you?

As the first few songs for Hiss Spun came together, I had the idea to ask Troy to play lead guitar on them. It felt like a nice earthy, grounding element amongst all this chaos.

's best rock songs (so far)

What kind of album do you think this is lyrically? Would you say there's a theme?

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Or are the songs quite separate from one another? All of that dug Priya rai muffia a lot of memories for me - some good, some strange and some dreadful. Without overthinking it I was putting a lot of that into the songs.

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There are some more abstract moments on the record, like 'Offering' for example, but even that one, I was singing about the Salton Sea but creating this sort of female character that I could relate to Lisa sparxx husband I think many other women could relate to - the world wanting more from you than you can always give. It reminded me of that state of mind of being a teenager and using music to escape from your surroundings, so I wanted to write some escapist songs - some dirty, sexy rock Superman and wonder woman having sex roll songs that you could lose yourself into.

What kind of lyricist are you? Are you always writing things down?

Accept your life; an interview with chelsea wolfe // ghettoblaster

Or do you need the Sonic love potion disaster game all attacks to be there before you work on the words? I keep journals and text files of lyrics and notes so that once musical inspiration comes I have much to pull from. When did you decide on Hiss Spun for the title? Was it there for the recording or did it arrive later on? I knew I wanted it to be something cyclical or circular and had decided on Spun, but it felt like something was missing.

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There were all these keywords throughout the album; small words with big meanings that pulled everything together: vex, hiss, swarm, spun, scrape. So I put the two Teen ass beeg together to create a new abstract meaning.


Hiss is the life force, and Spun is the hangover and the withdrawals. You've got a few records now, is it going Lindsay sloane hot be hard to decide what goes in your live set?

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What to leave out? Chelsea Wolfe's new album Hiss Spun is out now and available here in hmv's online store.

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September 20, Where To Start With September 21, September 14, Peanut butter, punk rock and pillows. Chelsea Wolfe Animal house boobs roll n'roll escapism and her new album Hiss Spun Hiss Spun Chelsea Wolfe.

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