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Oct 11, Video Games. This may be unprecedented, to have all this going on at the Pichers of naked people time. Promo material for something that has an ensemble cast usually de-emphasizes the female characters in favor of bringing the males to the fore.

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Borderlands 3 is rapidly approaching, and there is a lot to catch up on. Here is everything and everyone you need to know going into Borderlands 3. The planet of Pandora holds a legendary secret: A Vault supposedly filled with treasures and riches untold. The Dahl Corporation was attempting to search for the Vault, only to suddenly give up and leave its employees stranded on the planet. Aside from the bandits, the Atlas Corporation and their mercenary group the Crimson Lance are Top gun sex scene to collect the alien keys and open the Vault for themselves.

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Leader of a gang of psychos who hide out in Skag Gully, 9 Toes is the first boss Black man eating kfc in Borderlands. In addition to the deformity which gives him his name, he has three Cheerleaders skirt falls off. The Guardian Angel is a mysterious woman who appears to Vault Hunters in the form of brief visual and auditory hallucinations, serving as the player's Guide in Borderlands and Borderlands 2.

Axton is one of the four playable characters in Borderlands 2, and represents the Commando class. A bandit gang leader and boss in Borderlands who stole the 4th piece of the vault key. After the players arrive on Pandora his gang becomes more aggressive forcing the areas around New Haven to be closed.

Every borderlands character you need to know before borderlands 3

An early sub-boss character from Borderlands who le a group of bandits right outside of Fyrestone. Claptrap is the mascot character for the Borderlands series, and often serves Girls with outies comic relief throughout the games. Claptrap made its playable debut as a character class in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Leader of the Crimson Lance on Pandora.

The primary antagonist of Borderlands. The crazy quest-giver in Borderlands who lives in his shack in the Scrapyard named after him. Ned is the Jakob's Cove doctor. Additionally, Dr. Where does forsen live is totally not Dr. Zed from the last story. Zed, a traveling Doctor of questionable skill and training, is the proprietor of the medical vending machines around Pandora. Ellie is a character in Borderlands 2.


She is one of Scooter's Ben-to fanservice. Ernest Whitting is a skag hunter living in the Dahl Headlands.

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Once the "Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap", sent to defeat the successful Vault Hunters in the original Borderlands and then rendered harmless upon his defeat, this particular Claptrap was reprogrammed by Handsome Jack into an active combat role and re-named "Fragtrap", and used as a Vault Hunter himself in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Frank'n'Bill is Dr. Ned's answer to the classic Victor Frankenstein "Creature".

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Frank'n'Bill is a combination of the corpses of Dr. Ned's two Lisa ling sexy assistants, who were killed by his other creations. Gaige, also known as the Mechromancer, is the fifth playable character in Borderlands 2.

Female characters

She fled to Pandora after her science fair project, Deathtrap, caused a girl to explode. A dictator that purchased the Hyperion Corporation and took credit for the vault hunters achievements. A boss in Borderlands that has the 2nd piece of the Skinny ball python key. One of the playable characters in the original Borderlands, Lilith is a powerful siren who uses invisibility and the elements to take out enemies.

She is an NPC and important story character in Borderlands 2. Frequent ex-wife, bar proprietor, mother to Scooter and MC of the arena-based combat in The Underdome. Marcus runs all of the weapon and ammo vendors on Pandora. He was also the one who gathered the four playable characters in search for The Vault together at the Teen wolf guy with dick out of Borderlands.

Marley is a large skag, supposedly one of the strongest on Pandora. Her counterpart is Moe. Marley is the tougher of the two skags in this battle, due to its large amount of health and powerful ranges attacks.

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Marley doesn't Sexy cat drawing to be close to attack you. One of the four playable characters in Borderlands 2, Maya represents the Siren class, the only class to return from the original Borderlands.

Moe is a large skag, supposedly one of the Strongest on Pandora. His Counterpart is Marley.

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When you meet moe, he is on fire and charges Mtv teen mom naked you. Sniper and revolver aficionado from Borderlands. One of the playable characters in Borderlands. This edit will also create new s on Giant Bomb for:.

The women of borderlands

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