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The episode was written by Nora Smith and directed by Jennifer Coyle.

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A filmmaker placed a cow outside the restaurant to make a statement, which angers Bob, but his family is confused Gloria govan booty how he treats the cow. Home Tv shows Bob's Burgers s1e3 - Sacred Cow - Slammer club la Search Bob's Burgers —… : Season 1, Episode 3 - Sacred Cow - full transcript A filmmaker placed a cow outside the restaurant to make a statement, which angers Bob, but his family is confused over how he treats the cow. OK, kids, thank you for ing me here In the walk-in.

Thank you all. You said we Skyrim metal gear mod to, so I should have brought my cardigan. I have an announcement about the restaurant. Here in this box is the beef That will make our Gene, drumroll, please. Can I touch it? I wanna touch it, too. I wanna feel it between my toes.

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I wanna put a stick of dynamite in it And blow it up! What is wrong with all of you? No one's touching this meat but Underboob lace tattoos. I have an announcement, too.

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My bra is chafing me. That's not a real announcement.

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I have one. I love House music. I said it! Oh, congratulations. Can't believe they're making you wait 3 days. Stop stealing my thunder! I found the banner! It's from our old printer.

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You just have to tear off the holes on the side. We were supposed to hitages ago. We were way off.

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Big time. Ha hah! Can I just TINA: There it is. Get it!

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Oh, my god. I'm not. I think the news is here!

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I wonder if they heard about our ,th burger! How are you? Uh, what can I do for you? Are you bob? Uh, yeah. I'm randy Watkins, The documentary film maker.

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We're making a film about the beef industry. I heard you were about to hit Your ,th burger, And I wanted to shake your hand.

"sacred cow"

Because you, sir, have blood on your hands. Is this ketchup? It's the blood ofslaughtered cows. You ketchuped me. We're here to force you to face your victims. Meet your meat. What the hell? Her name is moolissa. She's due to be "processed" in 5 days, bob, Unless you choose to spare her Vicky vette age. That's right. You will decide her fate. It's a cow Figure skating upskirt see what your conscience tells you When you're looking your burger right in the eye.

This is ridiculous. It's not a crime to make burgers. There's no blood on our hands! What's all the yelling about?

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Gloria govan booty you made us a part of it! You make me sick. Kids, please. Oh, look. A cow. Hello, blondie. I got some meat on you. Dead cow on live cow.

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Heh heh. Uh, not a good time, Linda. Randy, stop.

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Stop filming. You know, We're not gonna be in your Drop the soap meaning documentary anymore. Well, you don't really have a choice, bob, 'cause I stop at nothing to expose injustice to animals. Is that wig glued on?

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It's to, uh, humanize her. It's cute. I've seen cuter. Honestly, she's a 4. Randy, I I don't know where to begin. You know, this isn't even a female cow. Beef happens to come from steers, which are male cows. Then, uh, how do you explain that Backpage domination nyc

Bob's burgers - "dreams of moolissa" (spec)

What an udder. BOB: Get away from there, Tina. That's, uh, not an udder. Oh, it's not? Don't listen to him, randy.