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People have bizarre fetishes people, get over it. So long as you're not hurting anyone there's nothing wrong. This comes from forming in younger years, being exposed to the scene in willy wonka.

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Violet Beauregarde is an idol to many, but to some, she's a god. She plumped up without meaning to and started the soon-to-be trend of blueberry inflation, which is much appreciated Loudest back crack the world of fetishes. This is where you'll be answering questions to tell if you have a blueberry inflation fetish, Hanaukyo maid team episode 1 english dub isn't a bad thing to have at all. In fact, it's the opposite of bad. It's the best fetish that you can have! Remember to rate this quiz on the next !

Years: 43
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What I like to drink: Cider
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Blueberry fetish is a type of inflation fetish which sees people become aroused by themselves or others turning into giant blueberries.

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People of any gender or sexuality can have a Blueberry Fetish. Blueberry fetish is sometimes called Violet fetish, after Violet Beauregarde, or blueberry inflation fetish. During this period, people with blueberry fetishes began sharing their fan art, picture morphs, drawings, and three-dimensional models in the inflation and expansion sections of fetish websites.

The practice became more widespread as more people felt comfortable sharing their own blueberry fetish works. While little research has been done into the blueberry fetish, anecdotal evidence Jan smithers images it stems from a desire to be vulnerable, or to dominate others that are vulnerable.

Body inflation

Turning into a blueberry puts someone in a submissive state, because Teens with boob jobs are unable to stop what is occurring or take control of their own inflating body. There is also an element of humiliation play since the blueberry becomes a spectacle. Like most fetishes, a blueberry fetish is believed to stem from childhood, a time when most people were first exposed to the story of Willy Wonka.

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As people cannot really turn into blueberries, people with a blueberry fetish must find creative ways to satisfy their sexual urges. They might create blueberry fetish stories and visual art and view those posted by others online, often while masturbating.

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They might watch the films with Violet Beauregarde or parody Geordie shore reddit. They could also incorporate blueberry fetish role play into their sexual interactions. For example, they may paint themselves blue and put padding underneath their clothes to give them a more blueberry appearance, or encourage their partners to wear this costume.

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They may also purchase an inflatable blueberry latex suit, available from some fetish stores, for themselves or their partners. thousands receiving hot new sex related articles, goodies, and great deals.

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Blueberry inflation, what the hell is it?

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