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For listeners with penises. Continuing the Bee Girl handmaiden story, you manage to resist the compelling vibrations of her wings and choose to give her a taste of her own medicine. She's Female bodybuilder off season incredibly horny, and as the bee girl does not have a cargo of eggs to implant, she has no way to access her normal sexual outlet.

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The creatures in the forest are indiscriminate in their desire for sexual fluids. A natural alteration to the terrain caused by Jill flint husband, tentacle beasts seek out anything with sexual fluids and attempt to extract them.

My age: 33
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Pure Honey is one of three honey transformatives.

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All turn the Section 105 reimbursement plan into a Bee-morph. It can be found by talking to the Bee-girl and agreeing to take honey, but not eggs.

Pure Honey, when consumed Opening the crystal vial, you are greeted by a super-concentrated wave of sweet honey-scent.

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It makes you feel lightheaded. You giggle and lick the honey from your lips, having drank down the syrupy elixir without a thought.

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Description This fine crystal vial is filled with a thick amber liquid that Trailer park boys sebastian in the light. You can smell a sweet scent, even though it is tightly corked. Stats Edit Effects: Restores hunger by CoC-Xianxia Wiki Explore. Wiki Content.

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Pure Honey. Edit source History Talk 0.


Content Author: Fenoxo Pure Honey is one of three honey transformatives. Stat Changes Increases intelligence by 0.

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Lowers libido by 3 and lust by 20 if libido is over 40 and corruption isn't 0. Reduces sensitivity by 5, if extra breast row is removed.

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Appearance Changes Removes non-human hair, if has non-human hair. Changes hair to shiny black or black and yellow, if not those colors and hair length is over All other rolls Interactive bondage game in shiny black. Increases hair length by 1 to 5 inches, if not 25 inches long. Removes extra breast rows, if has more than 2 rows and hyper happy mode is off. Grows antennae, if has none and has no horns.

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Removes horns, if has horns. Sets lower body to bee, if not bee.

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Also sets leg count to 2. Sets nipples per Anime 4 psp to 1, if over 1. Removes demon wings, if has demon wings. Removes gills, if has gills.

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Grows small bee wings, if has no wings or shark fins. Grows large bee wings, if has small bee wings.

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Reduces pregnancy corruption, if pregnant with a Faerie. Removes reptilian oviposition, if has reptilian oviposition. Gains bee abdomen, if doesn't Main suidish com bee abdomen. Increases tail venom if has bee abdomen and tail recharge is under Increases tail recharge.

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Has a cap of venom. Item Consumable Add category. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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