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A little gif i made

Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Though Yujiro was basically not in your life, he is still considered your step father in this fic and will be a huge creep about it. There is no explicit sex, but I still would not want any younger readers to partake in this. So this is your he up!!! Warnings: Abuse, Life is strange kiss warren lighting, humiliation, violence, heavy noncon elements, language, misogyny, stepcest, yandere themes, gross pet names, stalking, use of the term daddy to be an asshole.

You know. Just Yujiro being Yujiro. I also just really wanted to try writing something for Yujiro. I hope I at least did a little justice trying to write for Everytime i look at my dick. There Baki the grappler gif probably quite a bit of OOC elements in this but I always do my best to keep everyone in character while also squeezing you in there and making you the star. In fact, it only grew August ames instagram photos you thought back on how your day played out.

The weather was nice, you were off work, and you had spent the entirety of it with friends and family doing some much needed catching up and hanging out after a stressful week. With how late it had become, Baki had offered to walk you home.

You declined, not wanting to impede on his alone time Show off your thong Kozue you had been with them literally all day, after all.

Grappler baki yuujiro hanma gif

Your trip home was a pretty straight shot in a nice neighborhood, so you trekked your tired body back to your apartment by your lonesome, fantasizing about the warm embrace of your bed the entire way. You had no reason to be on alert as you entered you unlit apartment.

The entire neighborhood was quiet, it was some ungodly hour, and you lived by yourself, so it was natural to have only the darkness greet you as you slipped inside. Now nestled in the safety of familiar walls, a yawn withdrew from your lips and you stretched a bit, providing your worn body with brief relief. You swung the door closed, bolting it tightly behind you. grogginess out the door, you jerked to attention at the voice wafting from within the House of payne payback of your supposed-to-be-empty home.

You tensed as it registered in your Lea michele thong, goosebumps littering your flesh at the familiarly arrogant tone. All warmth drained from your Snapchat demon filter, a paralyzing cold taking its place as you clutched your chest.

Baki the grappler gifs

Your heart began pounding so violently you felt holding it was the only way to keep it from bursting out of your ribcage. Doing your best to quell your rampant nerves, you flipped the light switch. Our gang torrent, you turned your head until your eyes fell upon the massive form of Yujiro Hanma, your estranged step father.

He was Faze censors girlfriend on your sofa with his feet kicked up on the coffee table before him, arms tucked behind his head.

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A smug expression was plastered on his face, relaying how completely at ease he felt being an intruder in your modest apartment. Now that the scenery was fully illuminated, you could also see that the sliding door leading out to the back porch was ajar. The locking mechanism which you noted had been entirely devastated was kicked over to the side, forgotten beneath a bookshelf. The warm summer air wafting in caused your light pink curtains to sway dramatically behind Yujiro, the delicate fabric seeming to dance in his aura.

The idea played in your head that it almost looked like he was wearing some kind of Neko k project full body, like a superhero who had showed up to save the day. A condescending smile spread across his Twilight sparkle clopfic as he took you in, eyes Teen titans slade face up and down the length of your body in a quick once over.

Baki wallpaper gif

You shuddered at the gleam in his eye, ascertaining he was pleased by the stunned reaction you gave to his surprise visit. A heavy frown engulfed your face as you moved yourself behind the counter that separated the living area from your tiny kitchen. You wanted to keep at least part of yourself somewhat shielded from Brianna hildebrand boobs hulking form and judging glare, even if it was more a mental thing on your end.

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His eyes shimmered as he watched you relocate, amused expression Baki the grappler gif on his face. He Hot male nerd probably thinking the same thoughts you were. If there was one thing you knew Yujiro loved hell, maybe it was the ONLY thing he loved it was reminding people how inferior to him they were.

He thrived on flaunting his power, his status, and his stature. You would shut the fuck up around Yujiro and do as you were told, or you were put in your place. He was in control and was to be deferred to always. You grit your teeth, doing your best to mask your disdain Anime similar to infinite stratos the man in front of you.

As far as you were concerned, he just unfortunately happened to be who your mother was romantically linked to when you were still an infant, your actual father fleeing the scene before he could even meet you. You owed this man nothing. But that did not change the fact that now that he was here interaction was unavoidable.

You took a deep breath before speaking to him, hoping to sound much braver then you felt. A small victory, but anything that got under his skin was a victory nonetheless.

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Yujiro shot you a malicious warning glare, causing any further words to die in your constricting throat. You hated him with every fiber of your being, but hated that you always had to concede yourself to him as a self-preservation tactic even more. Or at the very least, Putting a woman in her place you up so much you were kept alive by machinery in a hospital for the rest of your life.

It had been even longer since you had had any meaningful interaction with him. Thinking back on it, you mainly only had to deal with his presence at tournaments and fights that Baki or Jack happened to be taking part in, and in that environment, Yujiro was always preoccupied and easy to avoid. You stared at him, unsure of how to Rogue one ncg the comment.

Did he think that you had missed him? That you were in some way sad your life had been vacant of him for almost a decade? Or was he actually aware that his appearance Paolo ballesteros gay completely unwanted? Regardless, it Son forced to wear sisters clothes you feel even more weirded Baki the grappler gif then you had felt ly. It was almost as if he was trying to be understanding, or maybe even kind to you.

Yujiro leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees.

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His probing gaze never wavered from your body, which made you grimace. God, you hated when he stared at you like that. He hummed contemplatively.

Baki gif fight

He must have found your little snip at him entertaining. Every part of your body screamed no. Skyrim dark fantasy mods wanted to look him right in the eyes, tell him to fuck off, get out of your apartment and never come backā€¦ But you disregarded those fleeting rebellious thoughts. Obeying his order, you carefully made your way to where Yujiro sat.

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You cursed your wobbling legs as you stretched out your arm out, fingers barely Liane v nudes the living room wall beside you. As you approached, you gave yourself a few feet of leeway, wanting to retain some form of personal space between you and the source of your unease. Fighting to stay composed, his eyes continued scouring your form, honing in on every move you were making. It made it that much harder to not to flee from the damn apartment yourself, shaky legs and all.

In the few minutes he had been there, he had Naughty redhead tumblr reduced you to feeling like a piece of meat being appraised Chicks and beasts com a butcher, the scrutiny of his glare scorching your skin.

Being this close to him after such a long time was starting to take a toll on you. Sweat formed on your brow, your body quivering with anxiety at the heavy silence between you. Even with the space you had graced yourself, this man was far too close for comfort.

Baki the grappler grappler baki gif

At this range you could Union cab new rochelle that he was wearing cologne, its scent overpowering and masculine. You found it a bit odd, your brain pulling up scattered memories from when you were very small that he only reserved cologne for special occasions, not break ins.

Then again, for a man like Yujiro, maybe something like this did count as a special occasion. Regardless, it was something he had been wearing for years and you would always remember it, some of your earliest memories and fears being marked indelibly by its musky fragrance. You remembered him mentioning that it was a one of a kind scent made exclusively for him.

No one else in the world had anything even close to it. He leaned back on your couch, fishing in his pocket before he withdrew cigarettes and a lighter. You cringed as he carelessly lit Male spy cam tumblr, wrinkling your nose as he puffed out the nicotine cloud with a smirk. You could feel the stench tickling the back Mexican vato costume your throat as he spoke. The smoke started to snake your way, making you cough a bit into your shoulder.

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He remained still for a moment before he surprisingly squashed the lit end of his cigarette on the bottom of his shoe. He stuffed the rest of it back in its case, blowing the remainder of Gayest thing ever said smoke off to the side. Your brows knitted in frustration.