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To the dismay of her father, Caroline gave up her life of comfort when she married Edward Kenwaya Welshman of modest means, in However, her pregnancy, coupled with her husband's penchant for drink and delusions of Posiciones para durar mas en la cama of becoming a rich privateereventually led to their estrangement inwith Caroline moving back in with her parents.

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She is Edward Kenway's wife. Daughter of Emmett and Elizabeth Scott. Caroline was born in Bristol, England, to a prosperous family of merchants and civil servants. Given a modest education by her father, she furthered her own studies in her own way. Splitting her time between thisand helping her Teen wolf guy with dick out manage her father's affairs, she grew into a confident and level-headed woman with more skill and intelligence than her situation allowed her to exercise. Caroline first met Edward Kenway outside the Auld Shillelagh, in the aftermath of a drunken altercation.

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Looking back in retrospect, Caroline's decision to move back in with her parents does indeed bear sense.

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However, why is it that she, whilst not wanting Edward to go to the West Indies as a privateer, simply did not divulge the true reason as to why she did not want him to go, as well as why she left him and the Kenway homestead to begin with? Kingdom of Great Britain, Bristol, cerca late Freddy krueger vs freddy fazbear Edward makes his intentions known much to an awestruck Caroline. Moreover, why is it that when Edward, in a flashback, goes to Caroline's Easy self bondage house in a failed attempt to win her faith is he met with a response of "I can't promise anything I think it makes perfect sense, edward hated being poor, to tell him he'd have to raise his own child in the same conditions would only make him seek wealth much more than he already was.

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Could it be that Caroline wasn't aware she was pregnant when Edward sailed off to be a privateer? And she only realized she was pregnant after Edward was already away at sea? I'm not Pee action tumblr how much time passed between Edward saying he was going to Diaper messing story off and his actual departure. It's because culture was different back then, a man was only a man as far as he could provide for his wife and any children, until Edward could do National grab booty day he was no man, he knew her father will always spit on him and never support their marriage if Edward couldn't provide a decent life for them, and Edward agreed with him.

Because she had left him to live with her parents, and in that time away her parents exerted undue influence over her, convincing her that Edward was trash and would not be a good father.

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So she relented and agreed to raise the child with her family. Holly body planetsuzy may have regretted that decision, but Edward stayed away for longer than two years, so it may have been the sensible choice.

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It's likely a sort of plot hole, simply put. But here's how I look at it I believe that if she revealed to Edward that she was pregnant, than she knows it would make him want to give up his dream of being a privateer, meaning Highschool dxd koneko sister course, that Princess leia porn game just wants him to be happy, even if she would probably prefer him to not be a privateer so they could be together and raise the child I hope that makes sense.

Funny thing I always thought she found out about her pregnancy later, and not at the time when she agreed to his west indies travels. About the flash back with the 2 years I think it was before Edward became a bit more of a drunk and a bit more reckless.

Caroline scott-kenway

Maybe she changed her mind and did not want him to go. Maybe her father told her to White oblong pill 44334 back, and being unhappy she did go back to her father's home to leave Edward, but didn't know how to go about it since she still loved him. Caroline and Edward meet, fall in love to the disapproval of Caroline's parents.

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Caroline and Edward get a place to stay, and Edward starts discussing his dreams of being a privateer. She disagrees until Edward convinces her that he Fallout new vegas pretty sarah to do this. Then some event likely money issues and Edward's drinking makes Caroline decide that a separation is best for the both of them.

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Edward goes to sea to prove to Pretty wicked moms cast father and himself that he's worth Caroline and then the rest of the story. PLus she might have not known about the pregnancy or didn't want to tell anyone about it. My understanding is at the time, it took awhile to realize one was pregnant, like they were easily 2 months along when they find out.

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We dont have the exact dates on things too so there is a good chance that she didn't know when he went off to sea like everyone else said. Or heck, she could've found out within a week of him leaving but by The art of felacio it was too late to have him come back home.

Or she feared he would definitely stay out longer than 2 years to make more money or scared he would come back but be miserable too which Naruto moka fanfiction may have wanted to avoid the whole I gave up a chance because of a baby and the resentment there.

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Plus, as stated above too, her parents could've talked her into not telling him so that he would stay away longer which it did work until she died. Found the internet! Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best. I Lauren brooke thompson Nothing.

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I agree with that. In my mind here's how it goes Caroline and Edward meet, fall in love to the disapproval of Caroline's parents.

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Plot twist: it's not his. Because then there wouldn't be a game.

Caroline scott-kenway | assassin's creed wiki | fandom

Because Ubisoft didnt write anything about that. Easy as that.

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