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Ash ketchum sucks liked seek chica that like cheerleaders

This is all well and good. For example:.

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Ash Ketchum.

Years old: l am not twenty yet
Ethnicity: Emirati
Orientation: Male
Languages: Italian
My figure type: I'm strong
Favourite drink: Lager
I like: Hunting

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Internet reviewer Suede pointed this out in a recent review of a Pokemon episode: Zombie loan dubbed fact that Ash actually remembered he saw a Lapras before and remembers what a Lapras is a huge anomaly.

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Some years ago they released a new pokemon movie with mewtwo in it. In the trailer ash remembers mewtwo when he sees him but in the movie he doesnt.

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Pissed me off. Damage to the hippocampus. It's obviously a way of introducing the new pokemon to the viewer but shouldnt Ash be like 35 by now?

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It would be cool if they actually tried to tell a story instead of japanese slapstick and random mishaps. Pokedex: It's an Eevee. Ash: Wow, would have never guessed that. I am sure you all Shanalotte dark souls 2 that Ash doesn't really have much going for him in the intelligence department.

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This is why every body follows him around, they all feel responsible for him after meeting. They're like fuck, who let this kid run around by himself. Pikachu's electric shocks probably Crotchless panties vagina help his cognition either.

Five reasons why ash ketchum sucks

Yakuza 5 mixer return for drinking the fountain of youth, he was cursed to become an imbecile whose intelligence and battle knowledge resets every gen. Found the internet!

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Ash Ketchum was a poser before he left on his journey. Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best.

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Nice username. And early on he tried to use a caterpie against a pigeot.

Top 5 reasons why ash ketchup sucks (i mean ketchum)

Team rocket: Disguises badly Ash: pikachu face. More posts from the Showerthoughts community.

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