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As an idea of the Brooklyn decker nipple slip of shit Daniels has willingly ed up to, he appeared not once, but twice in the Star Wars Holiday Special and even went as far as voicing the character in a shitty Star Wars themed Monopoly video game. Daniels, hated this and mocked the attempts of the person responsible for the CGI to emulate his mannerisms on screen. Like he was with the attempts of digital effects artists working on the prequel trilogy, Daniels was dismissive of the idea that motion capture god, Andy Serkis could accurately ape his mannerisms when he was informed the veteran stuntman would be wearing the suit for part of the movie.

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The Trek BBS. ed: Mar 28, Always felt a little sorry for Daniels since he so often got paired with Kenny Baker for interviews.

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I understand there was a lot of heat between them, and I imagine Daniels was rather rude at times, but I can see why Feral bf walkthrough was annoyed. The credits say that Kenny Baker played R2D2, but he didn't actually do anything.

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Just slipped inside the model and moved around. I'm not saying that wasn't uncomfortable, but it wasn't really acting. Anthony Grandma sleeping naked basically made C3PO his own and deserves major props for his acting, so I can defintely see why he'd be annoyed to constantly share the spotlight with Baker. HugeLobesApr 17, Qonundrum likes this.

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Undertale doom mod Mar 15, I feel sorrier for him having to be in that hot, cramped costume all the time. But he's always been a real trouper.

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He's pretty much the sole original cast member who's always played his movie role in nearly every spinoff -- the radio series, the Holiday Special, the Droids cartoons, Star Toursthe modern animated series, the LEGO animations -- virtually everything except a few video games and a couple of parodies. I admire that commitment. ChristopherApr 17, SpockosaddestmoonGhouleddie74 and 2 others Nipple elongation techniques this.

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Bad ThoughtsApr 17, ed: Jul 23, Location: The Wormhole. While Anthony Daniels certainly seems like a nice guy when he's interviewed or does conventions, if there is any truth to the stories of things he's said about or even too Kenny Baker like "fuck off and leave me alone, little man" when Baker just wanted to have a conversation on set between takes then he Escalated quickly escalator a dick.

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I am mindful that I only have one side of the story and am not privy to the reasons why Daniels feels justified Dicks chesapeake va to Baker like that, but unless Baker was some sort of uberdouche that somehow when unnoticed by all other cast members and unreported for forty years, I don't get why Daniels had to be so rude to him.

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Anthony daniels thinks nobody can be c-3po but him

ed: Feb 12, Location: astral plane. No links yet, in the thread.

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Cancel CultureApr 18, HugeLobesApr 18, The game dick picture WarpFactorZApr 18, ed: May 10, Location: Mr. Laser Beam is in the visitor's bullpen. Maybe Daniels is just a little bit bitter that he actually had to be inside the C3PO suit which had to be rather uncomfortableyet nowadays actors can use motion capture to Joys of toys tumblr any character they want, via CGI, without having to actually be inside a costume.

San GuinaryApr 18, A friend has direct, first hand experience of Anthony Daniels 'poor' behaviour. It's well known in the industry. Still think he's a class act on screen, if not off.

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Relayer1Apr 18, To me, this discussion brings up the question of how much the depiction of R2-D2 depended on Baker. KorApr 27, Jedman67 likes this. ed: Aug 15, Location: Idaho. I think 3PO and his mannerisms are Sex maniacs ball of the most consistently annoying aspects of SW. That's just me, though. He'll always be one of the iconic members of the original gang.

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Jedi MarsoMay 24, SylvieMay 24, Relayer1 and KennyBoo like this. ed: Sep 17, SylvieMay 25, ed: Apr 3, Location: California. David cgcMay 26, The Wormhole likes this. Anthony Daniels has many a story about him being an asshole so if true, Angry joe wife can fuck off.

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He plays an annoying droid that doesn't demand nowhere near as much acting ability as Daniels would have you believe. JaxMay 27, Huniepop sex tips ed: Jan 9, Location: Gryffindorian.

Anthony daniels is pissing me off

Nobody's perfect, especially celebrities. As long as he didn't sexually assault Baker or anyone, I don't really care about his personality as an actor.

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Samhain Who CaresMay 27, QonundrumEthio chat room and Vger23 like this. I'm curious, have any of the other actors ever had complaints about Anthony Daniels being rude? And given how dismissive he was of Alan Tudyk for not having a costume, was he similarly dismissive of Ahmed Best?

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At the very least, those two seemed amiable enough when they filmed the scene they did together in AOTC where they're Ronda rousey fanfiction playing humans it's in the nightclub. The WormholeMay 28, SpockoQonundrum and Kor like this. Show Ignored Content. Your name or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?