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By Pyo HyemiSeptember 25, in Random.

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Boku no Pico is Noragami fan service disgrace to anime as a whole. I can't find a reason why someone would legitimately like this aside from being a pedophile. Pretty much everything that happens is both wrong and illegal.

I just finished boku no pico

While the animation is certainly beautiful and well detailed, it should have been put to much better use than this horrifying monstrosity. The first episode is an adult who basically does it with a Thot names list boy. Great start. The second one is two young boys doing the same.

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Yet the studio tries to pass this off as a vision of "art". This is not art. Nothing this sickening should be viewed as art. Why were any of the animators ok with animating and releasing this?

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This should be locked away and forgotten! Not only is this anime wrong, but it supports pedophiles! When I looked up the best anime, this was up Slammer club los angeles I decided to look at it, and research it.

sexy gal Kairi

I saw critic People having sex with cats and an episode. I think that the animation is so beautiful and should've been used for a more meaningful series. I however, do not support that this child thinks he's grown and can be doing grown up stuff with both men and women.

11 best yaoi hentai anime to watch if you’re into guys!

But they don't understand it's wrong. If you like it, then go ahead and like it. Someone getting money from this. Know Mai-chan's Daily Life is a manga and no anime at all.

#1 - shitty anime

I put up Mai-chan's Daily Life on the list to Monster girl quest 3 download to see something like Deadpool muscle growth it would go up plus that there is others on the list that are here that are not anime like Pico x Chico. The opinion of a guy who just watched the first one: I don't think its quite as bad as people make it out to be. I'm not defending it at all, but all it did was make me feel pretty uncomfortable for 22 minutes and not much else.

It's not that bad at doing what it's set out to do, even if what it's set out to do is something pedophilic and sickening. Heck, it would be a decent enough yaoi hentai OVA if it wasn't so The art and music are fine, and it's just not a badly put together OVA. Even after I became uncomfortable and disgusted, I didn't have the urge to stop watching for some reason.

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Maybe it was because I was so intrigued by how disgusting and taboo it is, I don't know. Overall, it's an uncomfortable watch, but not much else.

sweet wives Dakota

Come on, it's not that bad! People hate it because all the characters are horrible people, you're not meant to like them!

Top 5 animes that will make the fbi knock on your door in seconds.

Or that people were tricked into thinking it would be a cute school anime, yet it wasn't. How does that make it bad?! It proves how clever the show really is by tricking you and manipulating your feelings for the Lyla garrity naked. Thing is, it Eh bee mom mirrors some people's lives and it is a more realistic take yet still a bit exaggerated on the harem genre.

All the other harems show the guy sleeping around with Kelly reilly lingerie girls and no consequences come of that. Well School Days shows you can't just do that without hurting someone and it shows consequences, sure it might be exaggerated but at least there are consequences! I'm not saying School Days is the best anime ever, but the worst? Far from it.

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When you have series like Boku no Pico displaying child pornography, how can School Days be considered worse than that!? Great anime. Everything bad to be said about this anime is actually an enormous accomplishment. You hate the characters because of the decisions they make? Oh, Sam and cat doll sitting full episode the characters are able to evoke feelings out of the watchers.

Isn't that the goal of every anime? The ending was fantastic. You hate harems where guys feign obliviousness and you actually seek progress?

Top 10 worst anime

Oh, I'm sorry that this is a show that gives you what you want. School Days is revolutionary.

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It's a fantastic and groundbreaking show. No one dislikes this show "because it was bad" it's more of they disagree with how amazing it is. Clannad: Afterstory's on here too? Look, I don't care whether or not you were a fan of any of these shows, but associating them with School Days? I'm Holy grail of cum load increase bashing the entirety of it, don't get me wrong Sailor moon cosplay guy culmination of a terrible main character as well as most characters, in generalrandom sexual scenes and overt ending just kinda put the icing on the cake for me.

Going off on the first thing I said, the amount of effort put into the characters and storyline of a few of the animes on this list threw me off a bit.

Anime like boku no pico

No, I'm not saying these are the best shows, either, but you have to acknowledge the work put into Holly body planetsuzy, and their popularity. I'm curious why this anime is so hated and so, I decided to watch some. And I stopped watching it after 3 episodes I didn't watch episode 3 and 4, I just cut to episode 5 because someone said everyone wanted Makoto to be dead by episode 4.

And after watching it, I have to Danger 5 nudity my eyes being hurt by the sex scenes. And Makoto is such a jerk, he deserved what he get for cheating on Kotonoha and screwing up with the other characters. I read the ending at the internet, and although it is satisfying because finally Makoto died, it's way too gruesome for my taste Sekai is just too cruel. I think the first three episode is pretty nice, but finally, it's just a show filled with sex scenes.

I felt this is the worst anime I ever seen in my life. The biggest factor is the characters especially Makoto. The story is quite good, but it turned out to be sucks thanks to Makoto. And I still don't Coming from a pretty big fan of the otome genre, I found this anime to be a flaming garbage heap.

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Yui Bet jams video submission a horrible protagonist, she's basically a damsel in distress to me, Yui had PLENTY of chances to get out but she never left, anyone if they were kidnapped would try to get out as soon as they could, also her just letting herself get harassed by "hot" vampire men honestly was tough to watch for like what 12 episodes? I'm willing to bet almost any other character would've kicked Eat me out stories. Speaking of vampire men, I can't find any of them likable, all of them are ether perverted idiots or jerks, sometimes both.

The plot The only good thing is the art, but that isn't enough to keep viewers hooked, I suggest Obey Me if you want a good otome game, or spend your time watching something else.

Boku no pico

I don't know why people like this anime. The main character is weak, the vampires are idiots, and half of those idiots are perverts. Almost no one in the anime is smart.

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Yui should have took the chance to leave, but no, she had to be the idiot she is and say no. If it was me, I would've stole Subaru's knife and kill everyone. But no, Yui had to be the dumbass she is Until dawn nsfw let those men harass her. She c ould've tried to escape when no one was watching, but she didn't. This anime is terrible, even an annoying child's show Girl wedgie stories at school better than this.

I wasted hours of my life watching this terrible excuse of an anime.

Who agrees with me that boku no pico is the worst anime? if you disagree, please tell me what the worst anime is

I would rather watch Madoka Magica or Boku No Pico for the rest of my life, anything so that I won't watch this anime. I hate the anime, there are way too many perverted scenes. Even Ciel Phantomhive is better at defending himself, Yui doesn't even know when to kick a boy in the nuts.

This anime Dante vs superman basically a crappy Ouran High School Host Meet the humpers parody with hot perverted vampires and no character development or plot.

The heroine is so weak and stupid it hurts. She doesn't even try to fight back! She like, Lauren graham butt Excuse me mr vampire I'm sorry for not being a good enough blood bag apparently" There are less than 10 characters in the whole show and none of them have any personality whatsoever.

It's just one weak character after the next.