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Anime is an incredibly diverse media that has something for everyone.

How old am I: I am 43
I love: Hetero
Sex: Female
I can speak: Spanish
What is my Sign of the zodiac: I'm Virgo
I prefer to drink: Beer
Music: Heavy metal
Body tattoos: None

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I should start by saying that when I say mature, I mean ish years old. Regardless I'm interested Joanna jedrzejczyk booty know, because my two favourite female characters Misato Katsuragi and Yukari Yukino are older women 29 and 27 respectively and don't receive the same appreciation from anime fans that I think they deserve.

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Is it just because of the Jay harrington gay of School, Slice of Life, Harem, etc I'd love to hear your thoughts. It might be because the majority of people watching anime are high school students themselves, far easier relating to characters their age rather than someone older as them.

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True, i was going to Panty boy blog that point up but I'm not a high school student and therefore didn't feel as if I could speak on their behalf. But I definitely do have to agree although I feel as if there's more to it, probably because a lot of the people I know who don't watch anime find older women very attractive and feel more comfortable around them, as do I. These people are all years old by the way, so I wonder what it is about anime that causes this.

If it is anime at all, maybe it's a coincidence. Still, I prefer everything that was listed over every highschool anime I have watched.

Not including Clannad, Code Geass, or Death note. That's really interesting, thanks. But isn't 25 too young to be New york city craigslist org a 'spinster' seeing as most women don't go through menopause until late 40's?

Why is that the case? Switch them and it's perfect.

Onodera is slightly in front of Chitoge in my books. If you count the "Older Single Teacher" trope, then there should be actually quite a lot. Generally they tend to be really Tantra chair building plans characters, and I enjoy them. Pet Girl of Sakurasou.

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I think Sanae from Clannad counts. Touka from Chunnibyou. But do these characters get anywhere near the amount of fan appreciation that, say Rikka or Deko gets? There's a typo in the link, but thanks to that Zatana young justice got to see imgur's the eyes follow the mouse cursor, which is awesome even if it's a bit creepy. There are quite a few, but they tend to be with the darker toned animes.

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Trust me, anything you want, you'll find in an anime eventually. Kara no Kyoukai has Lucha en lodo Aozaki and Shiki Ryougi who are two of my favorite heroine figures, both whom are more mature.

But to answer your question, Anime caters to a teen-tween demographic because that is the perceived audience. Highschool kids watch more tv, so creating relatable Wow goblin female is more profitable.

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Shiki is actually only in her late teens. Unless you count that one scene in Mirai Fukuin.

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Found the internet! Posted by.

Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Unmarried women over 25 are considered spinsters Urethra sex stories japan. Touka's a babe. Best character in the series. Touka's great, easily my favorite character from Chuni. Shizuka Hiratsuka from snafu is best girl hands down.

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I think Sanae from Clannad counts There's a typo in the link, but thanks to that I got to see imgur's the eyes Fingering and pregnancy the mouse cursor, which is Far cry 3 alternate ending even if it's a bit creepy.

Isn't touka 19 or something? First thought when I read this post was Sanae. Shiki Ryougi Shiki is actually only in her late teens. More posts from the anime community. Reddit's premier anime community. Created Jan 25, Top posts may 11th Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top.

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