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Anime girl with armor am search somebody that like experiment

These characters wear full or partial armor. The material can be leather, cloth, metal, or anything in between.

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Can anyone think of any? I would love to cosplay someone with aromor.

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Hide Up. Forum Settings Forums. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Hi, I'm looking for some anime series with females wearing armor or some kind of battle suits.

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I watched Fate and Claymore, Final fantasy 10 paine please do not mention them. Kind of an old one, but the first that comes to mind that fits what you want is Blue Genderdunno if you'll like it though, despite giving it a favorable score, I personally found it a tad boring.

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Not my forte but I did watch this one and liked it especially the first half. The last half got a bit repetitive it seemed no new tactics were being introduced so the battles felt rehashed : Sky Girls The gals wear minimal exoskeleton-type mecha called Sonic Divers that were at first meant for non-military use though IIRC the higher-ups had other ideas all along. Pic of a Emma roberts breasts plastic model kit of one:.

Avatar: Anzu Kadotani from Girls und Panzer. Sig by MissIntrovert. I think Yattori wears light armor in Alderamin on the Sky. Some of the women in Queen's Blade, especially Reina and Claudette, wear armor, though they often wear nothing at all. Thanks, I've seen some of Your propositions so please give more titles if You can.

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Seconding Sky Girls and its mini-mechs. FWIW the story is more like a slice-of-life in my opinion, given its relatively slow and comfortable pacing. The protags in Magic Knight Rayearth wear armor. Phantasy Star 2 Online the Animation features sci-fi takes on fantasy armor, drawn from its source game franchise.

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Sword Oratoria's main character is a woman in armor. Chain Chronicle has some female characters in armor. Dog Days has some female characters that wear armor.

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Lord Marksman and Vanadis has multiple female characters regularly wearing armor. Frame Arms Girl has female characters in blocky, tech-y armaments.

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The Tower of Druaga features female characters in fantasy armor. The Nanoha series has "barrier jackets" i. Leviathan the Last Defense has characters in what could be called light armor, I guess. I could mention Aselia the Eternal or Elsword but both of those are just partial story adaptations and rather short. Also Muv-Luv's pilot suit styles are ornate Pam grier hairy pussy to look a bit like armor.

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And some of Yuuki Yunna's transformations' clothing look like armor too. But yeah, checking out fantasy series may help. Also, how armor-like does the battlesuit have to be?

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Can it just be a bodysuit? Senki Zesshou Symphogear has the girls donning armor.

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I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Bubblegum Crisis. Also, like the poster above me mentioned, Symphogear.

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Thanks, please give any titles you know :. Also, along the same lines of Aselia the Eternal i.

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Come to think Summer carter freeones it, I think the girls in Date A Live wear battlesuits in combat? She has Even has a transformation sequence for it.

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Actually it seems the other main characters should get battle suits at some point. They just haven't been given them yet. She's a giant, so even tho it's the same size as the mechas the humans use, it's pretty much just bulky power armor to her. Magic Knight Rayearth fantasy armor with skirts rather than power armor RideBack kinda, but it's not worn.

The RideBacks are motorcycles that turn into a bipedal form while still being ridden, but you may still enjoy this one. One of the characters in Valkyrie Drive uses power armor but there isn't all that much armor in it besides that one. BBCode A shooting star, Dog licks owners pussy the sky Naught but a flash, 'fore it's gone; Its twinkling causes an inkling That what was once forgotten Shall soon be remembered. Women pooping on toilet, please give any titles you know : BBCode.