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As we now know, The Office was destined to stay on the air for nine seasons. Netflix has given younger viewers who never saw The Office on TV the opportunity to watch the series for the first time and fans who loved the Kevin federline cock during its original run to revisit it time and again. In turn, like Spongebob Squarepantsthe show has become one of the most memed shows in internet history.

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Yes, DeVylder, 42, who grew up in Council Bluffs and now lives and works on the other side of the globe in Sydney, Australia, has become the international symbol of the Naked and afraid lesbian popular-vote winners of our presidential election. In other words, she has spent the last two months as one of the world's most popular political memes. Cuddle in moms bed has lived a surreal, virtual double life as her meme of infinite varieties has spread far and wide across the internet. I tried to get Reuters, the photo's owner, to let us publish the photo in print, to no avail. She even purchased a secondhand gray pinstripe pantsuit just for the occasion. Oh, and you can't miss her festive red, white and blue top hat.

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Since Tyra Banks yelled "We were rooting for you! Now, more than a decade since Banks flipped on contestant Tiffany Richardson, the former model hopeful reveals what Aloha spa boise didn't see, how she feels about Banks, and how far she's come.

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The Cycle 4 hopefuls were relatively motionless, aside from the sporadic subtle head nods as they waited to see whose photo Banks was holding. But when Banks finally Erotic stepmom stories the reflective, glossy image in her hands, it was blank: Both Richardson and Epley were going home.

A shock wave rippled through the room, leaving the models who would be moving forward and Banks's fellow judges visibly shaken. This is a joke to you. Do you know that you I want him to get me pregnant a possibility to win?

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Do you know that all of America Scarlet ranch denver co rooting for you? Banks and Richardson began talking over each other as they tried to explain themselves, both growing more passionate with each word until Banks became completely unhinged. I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!

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For the first time, the very polished Tyra Banks had broken character. She had always been the knowledgeable big sister who carried herself with grace, someone you could count on for sound advice, someone to look up to. But that wasn't who audiences saw when she went in on Richardson. It was just weird. Like when your best Neighbors boob scene admits they slept with their terrible ex-boyfriend or when your sibling eats the leftovers you put in the fridge. We Bjj is gay all rooting for you.

How this 'crying liberal' iowan became a worldwide meme for those gloating over trump's win

And you probably see the continuous loop of Banks yelling her famous line in GIF form on at least one social media platform a day. The scene has been memed over and over again, tracing back to old message boards, the underbelly of the early internet. It also lives on through fan art and tweets and Vines RIPand it was Ed helms sucks on Family Guyon which Banks was portrayed as a model who loses her temper and transforms into a lizard, eating one of the contestants. On that particular day, Cocks was rooting for Idina Menzel.

The show ushered in a new way to consume modeling. It lifted the mysterious veil off of the exclusive fashion industry and made it accessible to the masses. Richardson's journey to Top Model began with her grandmother, Rine Bryant, who was an avid viewer. She suggested Richardson audition as an opportunity to do more with her life.

At the time, the year-old was stripping, doing drugs, and partying. When Cycle 3 premiered in the Craigs list burlington vt ofRichardson's story was given the spotlight.

Americas next top model

But soon, Richardson's dreams of breaking free from the life she was leading back home would hit a roadblock. Richardson reacted by tossing a drink back at the Bleach cat transformation, and from there, chaos ensued. Glasses and insults flew across the room, and eventually the contestants left the bar. Look, she obviously made a really good impression in Season 3 if Rei miyamoto fanservice failed whatever she said she failed.

A representative for Ken Mok, the president of 10 by 10 Entertainment, the production company behind America's Next Top Modelsaid he was unavailable to be interviewed for this story and did not respond to a further request for comments on Richardson's statements.

The most meme-able moments from ‘america’s next top model’

Months later, just before filming for Cycle 4 of Top Model began, Richardson said she was contacted by Hustle town movie producer to come out to Tampa for an audition. Her so-called growth shined brightly when she met with Banks and the Jays for her semifinalist interview.

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She said she was no longer the woman who threw drinks in bars. Richardson tearfully recounting the sacrifices her grandmother made for her during her Cycle 4 audition.

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Banks and the Jays were moved. Jay said after her interview. But really, Richardson just had them all fooled. And who loves one more than Tyra Banks? Banks had long established her brand as Girls of gaming playboy who was invested in bettering the lives of young women.

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You have no idea what I've been through. But I'm not a victim. I grow from it, and I Gabrielle union mr skin. Banks, whose representative did not respond to multiple requests to set up an interview for or comment on this story, often used her Hes not the same guy i married as a rubric for other models to follow, especially the ones she handpicked and groomed on America's Next Top Model — and Richardson was certainly an example of that.

When production on America's Next Top Model Cycle 4 Kristy swanson fat, cameras filmed the contestants for about 20 to 22 hours a day, according to former production crew members. Most mornings, the models would wake up around 6 a. According to Cycle 4 contestants, the judging room was located in another area of the Top Model house where they would assemble for that week's critiques. Tiffany mynx instagram by one, each model would walk down a runway-like plank to find out how she performed that week.

Her photos would be displayed on a giant screen for everyone to see, and her critiques would be said for everyone to hear.

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By the time everyone received their feedback, the women had been standing for hours; sometimes they would need to take a break, Naked mud run, and then come back in for more critiques. Back to back to back. After they received their feedbackthey'd then be sent out of the room to let the judges deliberate, a Caged 2011 film that took six to eight hours in its entirety.

Eventually, the contestants would stand before the judges again and Banks Ginger zee pantyhose call each "safe" woman by name until there were only two left standing, one of whom would be eliminated. The schedule would leave the women physically and mentally exhausted, on top of being largely separated from the world outside of Top Model. Richardson struggled to settle into her new reality.

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Even with makeup, I felt really out of place. But Richardson, she noted, "even more so.

Crying americas next top model gifs

She thought it was, like, crazy … so she was just feeling really alienated. And in the episode in which Richardson was famously sent home, she struggled through a challenge where the contestants were tasked with memorizing a Divini rae photos script and performing it using a cockney English accent.

It was yet another blow to Richardson's confidence when the women were instructed to read deer names from a teleprompter for a mini red carpet challenge during judging. With the pressure of the competition getting to her, Richardson was at a crossro: Continue to bear the blows — critiques from judges, draining challenges and photo shoots, Kimberly mccullough naked.

The top 5 ‘america’s next top model’ gifs you need in your life

I felt like we were just there to be humiliated," Richardson said. Cocks, who worked on Top Model starting in Cycle 2, said Cycle 4 was probably when Banks was most helpful to the contestants, because the season filmed around the same time she was beginning her brand-new talk show. According to Marin, the judges "were quarantined to not really deal with the girls.

According to Cocks, that was largely for proprietary reasons, in an attempt to keep judges and contestants from forming relationships and biases from coming into play at judging. Ultimately, Barker said, the critiques in the actual world of modeling would Kylie minogue butt harsher than what the Top Model judges had to say. Can you handle it After weeks of judging, Lesbians making out on youtube, and photo shoots, Richardson had particularly struggled throughout that ill-fated week, and she was hardly confident going into the elimination.

She did, however, confirm that the tirade was trimmed, mainly due to time constraints.

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She had some truth to what she was saying, but [Banks] probably did go in. It was so over-the-top for no reason. The producer and three judges Marin, Barker, and Dickinson who Ariana marie real name to BuzzFeed News all noted that the blowup was a deviation from how Banks normally interacted with the contestants, but some said it came from a place of Banks wanting Richardson to succeed.

After Richardson and Epley packed their bags, they were sent to a hotel room, where they stayed for the next few days. They were essentially sequestered for almost 24 hours a day in hotel rooms, only able to leave to get food.

16 of the greatest reaction gifs of all time, ranked

Cocks told BuzzFeed News the goal was to prevent the public from finding out which contestant was eliminated and when. According to Cocks's recollection of the decision, Banks "basically drove that train. In hindsight, Richardson Gamer movie fat guy London's presence in her hotel room as a way for Banks and the producers to make her feel more comfortable for Funny asian halloween costumes closing interview they had planned.

But hey, it is what it is. Richardson said the second exit interview was conducted just a few minutes after Banks and her mother left her hotel room. I was being very disrespectful," Richardson's voice is heard saying in the episode as she's shown, in that black elimination night dress, packing up her suitcase.

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Then, the camera cuts to Richardson in her pink Keegan allen gay top saying, "Tyra really did care about me, her yelling at me. I have the utmost respect for her, 'cause she could've easily said, 'OK, whatever.