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When Andy is sober he has a truly creative and brilliant mind. He did a podcast called skull juice with a long time close friend of his, and was sober for the first few episodes. It was interesting to hear how funny he was instead of mean aggressive asshole you hear about.

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As I was really into old things: vintage clothing, antique furniture, ruins, listed buildings. At weekends, mum and dad would take us kids out in our Bedford van there were Old arabi eats of us to visit stately homes and castles. Did he have certain qualities that I aspired to?

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My favourite drink: Champagne
What I prefer to listen: I like to listen rap
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Before Aladdin made casting big-time celebrities the norm, voice actors used to be the unsung heroes of Hollywood.

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There simply weren't that many cartoon characters that looked just like the people voicing them, such as the way Robin Williams's rubber-faced antics were integrated into the fast-talking Genie. Today, actors who look like their cartoon counterparts are incredibly common, with 's Shark Tale being Pretty girls in short dresses the most striking example. Pre- Aladdinthere were, in fact, a handful of voice actors who looked like cartoons, but Herm on male weren't major celebrities, so the resemblance wasn't meant to help sell tickets.

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Disney, for example, didn't just hire incredible voice talent; they also hired strong actors such as Eleanor Audley and Bobby Driscoll and filmed them acting out the roles on a sound stage to assist the animators in creating more compelling, lifelike characters. This list is a mix of voice actors from TV and Lindsey stirling tits that look uncannily like their cartoon counterparts.

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Excluded are characters that are explicitly based on a real-life person, because where's the fun in that? In other words, no Rover Dangerfield. Vote up the doppelganger you think is the most convincing.

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Jessica Walter looks so much like her Archer Joe buck gay Malory Archer that she had to be the inspiration, right? Not exactly. The producers actually used the appearance of Kathleen Cohena local Atlanta actress, as inspiration. Principal Lewis is basically just an American Dad!

Richardson's other voice credits include far more diverse looking characters, including Shredder in the reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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Audley was the live-action model and voice actor Romantix ames iowa Cinderella's evil stepmother. Disney said Lady Tremaine was drawn "with a sinister and lifelike subtlety that contrasted with the broader treatment given to many of the other characters. Beaumont performed on a nearly empty stage to create a live-action reference for the animators of Alice in Wonderland.

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