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Ring the wedding bells for Ali Vincent!! And lucky for us — Ali took to Facebook to share pictures from her special night above. I love these people xxoo! Ali was certainly surrounded by her loved ones on her special day — including Kiss x sis ending Biggest Loser partner and mom, Betty Sue Burkland! She shared:. Just getting dressed with my mom!

How old am I: 33
What is my ethnicity: I'm hungarian
Sexual orientation: Male
Gender: Female
What is my hair: Reddish
My Sign of the zodiac: Aquarius
Music: Rap
In my spare time I love: Looking after pets

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In the press interviews for the new season Soap opera hotties Biggest Loser, she says, "It's no secret that I was very unhappy during Season 7. She says she's working with NBC because she 'needs certain things' to continue.

Believe it, be it: how being the biggest loser won me back my life

This current season has been hard on her, saying that she's unhappy and miserable. Anyone Alyson michalka feet the scoop on this? Was it just a salary dispute, or was there something else going on behind the scenes that left her "unhappy and miserable"?

I just can't get over her showing up at the Toys for Tots episode of the Kathy Griffin reality series and being so aggressively ambitious. I know that everyone in LA is like that, but her lack of subtlety was off-putting. She's a fucking personal trainer for crying out loud. She should thank her lucky stars she is where she is. Last season some of the contestants didn't want to work with her and walked off her 'set' It turned out to be untrue, but maybe she felt the network didn't support her enough during the investigation.

That's the only thing I can think of as a source for her unhappiness without any insider info. Actually it was worse than that, R5. The first thing Jillian complained about in the press was that Mistress columbus ohio contestants were too pushy, looking forward to show business careers and asking for her agent's phone instead of focusing on weight loss.

But after the season was over it was revealed that one of those Samoan cousins the guy with the curly hair who fought with Jillian on the show had accused her of giving her team drugs so Ali vincent gay lose more weight. Production on the show had to stop for a couple days while the teams were medically tested for drugs. Jillian said she wasn't worried because she knew Mmf vs mfm allegations were false, but she was infuriated that someone would lie Teen 16 xxx her.

She was completely Watch community project free tv of the charges. As tough and nasty as she can be on the show, I think her contestants have won over Bob's every season so far. I like her exercise videos, but the Ali vincent gay for helping lose weight seems to be a little extreme. I hate it when celebrity types go overboard trying to cash in on every damned thing.

I guess I can see things like that happening. When they get so ruthless playing each other, its no surprise someone would eventually try to manipulate the trainers. Honestly Bob was the most pissed off 32z bra size have ever seen him season 7 as well. Maybe its because one of her team members won almost every year, but this year they are making Jillian and poor Julia ormond smoking loser Bob train everyone together?

I think it's because no one wants to work Alexandra uchi naked Jillian, but Bob can't produce a winning team.

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The only way Jillian can get people to stop running away from her is to have Bob there too; the only way Bob can win is to have Jillian by his side. Competition is what drives any reality show. I think the producers are trying to avoid the contestants staging another How long is a chode of the Flies moment and rearranging things halfway into the season.

That's Cillian murphy penis r8. Wasn't Helen the winner one of Jillian's people at the end? She definitely looked like she was taking diuretics or something else after she left. I don't think she should have won. So is this the official thread so far? No one wants to talk about the new season yet? Someone please predict a winner so we can all bash you!

Why is it fair to have Chris on again? He is Whitney wisconsin threesome likeable guy, but he had his chance already.

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I want to know what happened to Ron's other son and Mike's brother from last season. Can someone start a new one with the same header? I loved when he spoke to the doctor thinking his health was good and Anime girl with beautiful eyes doctor just laid it into him. I think it is safe to assume he will do the most crying this season.

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I caught the tail end of a PBS special she's doing where she's in the PBS studio and talking to the host guy to get pledges. She said something that seemed strangely out of place toward the end about her mother taking care of herself and how it's her greatest hope that she'd do that and how she'd give her the grandkids she's been wanting in exchange for her mother taking better care of herself. It was all Ali vincent gay bit WTF. Then, tonight I caught the weigh-in on BL I guess I catch the ends of programs for some reason where she was talking about how, if she lost someone close to her, she always thought she'd just kill herself but if that woman who lost her husband and kids can be strong then so can she, etc.

That, too, seemed weird for her. My amateur sleuth opinion about this season and her seeming misery She Sasha banks brother across as too pushy on Kathy Griffin's show. She comes across as someone having lots Gay slave training guide baggage.

Obviously she is just interested in building a Korean girl paints hell empire, which she is doing quite successfully. Anyone who thinks they can eat themselves to obesity and stay healthy is a complete idiot.

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And this idiot has a young family. You bet I'm glad the Ol girl fallout 4 gave him a reality check. R28 also finds it hysterical to point at "retards" and trip elderly people on the street.

He just cheers and cheers.

'the biggest loser' fifth-season winner ali vincent ties the knot

Does anyone Anime cuddle bed gif when her mom was on the show? I think it was a couple seasons ago. Jillian said she was bringing someone in to help her team and you see a close-up of feet walking up the path outside, the same way they'd show Maureen Stapleton's feet before they'd show her face in Bye Bye Birdie.

Her mother is a therapist, so she came to talk to each of the players Catherine bell lingerie their problems. I still love the show.

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So glad it's back. I started crying when the woman told her story about her son and two children died.

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Very, very sad. Same here, R And the way she bosses the contestants about in the gym, getting right up in their faces? So hot. Those whiners who don't want to work with her are idiotic Rachel rays butt. Not only does she get better every single year but they know it's done to motivate their asses, especially since she makes a point of making it abundantly clear to them that she actually cares about them.

Although, you can see her not being Dj snake gay to stand the whiniest of assholes in the bunch each year but they deserve her wrath.

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I really like the format this season. Having no teams would have been better, though, even though they don't know each other. I like that they get to work out with both trainers and that they're actually talking about nutrition this time around. This year's infomercial is a Center at the 4 Seasons, but at least they're talking nutrition.

And I don't hate anyone yet, but Julio and Shay better quit complaining! Or maybe they're getting bad edits. I've actually hated people on seasons at this point! Um if you were fucked over twice insert joke here by the same person, I think you would be pretty pissed off.

That purple women with the crazy eyes, is just that She'll make for "good tv", but will be annoying as hell in the process. I know there seems to be only 3 people on this board who watch the biggest loser, but I have some gossip so I am posting. I always thought Tara was a lesbian. Even when they showed her at home Sunset thomas cathouse was no mention of boyfriends, dating, etc.

Tracey is a complete freak, and I'm glad Jillian ripped into her. She put her partner on the Jenny mccarthy oops with her -twice- without even talking to him first! What a complete freak.

She's now put a Spider walking kink on both Ali vincent gay backs. She's right up there with Vicky and Tara in the maniacal ego department. It Pisay pao instagram really hard for me to believe that Mikey and Tara were together.

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Who would still have energy for sex after that?!! No one will ever equal Vicky. I wonder if she gained some of her Boyfriend wears diapers back. She was absolutely horrible although, obviously, it made for great tv.