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Aletta ocean butt implants picking chica that loves dancers

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Porn star Aletta Ocean looked like a plastic surgery experiment gone wrong while wearing a skimpy bikini at the beach Whiskey dick lube Greece! I wish we got more candids of porn stars because they are always fun.

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Home Help Tags Register. The Perfect Boobs. Tammin sursok feet [ 1 ] 2 3 All. Author Topic: Aletta Ocean--butt implants? Read times. Does anybody know if she recently got them?

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Quote from: phlalawyer on March 19,pm. Quote from: boobring on March 19,pm. Aletta would be without all the surgeries a totally boring girl Only the surgeries make her hot Peter81 Jr. She had a surgery in early February. She don't tell what she had Times square massage parlor, but since the surgery she post a lot of pics with her beautiful butt.

AAtoDD You can touch enhanced breasts so it's not fake! She gets at least 3 surgeries to enhance her breast.

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Her implants was cc HP silicone. Her beauty is linked with the disproportion of her breast.

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If she gets butt implants it reduces the disproportion and Swtor sergeant jaxo is not what I would have done. Are you sure the surgery was for her butt? She said why not for an breast upgrade last year.

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Bocgam Sr. I believe so. There's a pretty noticeable change in projection. I'm not sure, How to breed a snow dragon look at the pics: There was a video about two years ago or so of Annina Ucatis who documented her booty implant surgery can't find the video and she was wearing the exact fitness shorts Aletta is seen wearing in the picture above.

As people have mentioned she's talked about getting butt implants for a while and as many of you know she's very spontaneous and really enjoys getting surgery yearly.

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I really hope she's still doing porn and we can see that new ass in action. Quote from: DonnyDumont on March 20,pm. That's awesome Audrey tautou legs looks even hotter now. Some know the size of the butt implant?

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How many cc's? Quote from: Bocgam on March 20,pm.

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Let me know! SMF 2.

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