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Most buildings in the area have a relatively small floor area but are about 8 stories tall.

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M's Pop Life store even among the streets of Akihabara is a rarity — an appreciated rarity. M's Pop Russian women in bed store lets you in on the zany diversity of the Japanese porn industry and is a coagulation of all things erotic and Japanese. The store is truly a unique place where locals and tourists browse unabashedly through onaholes, dolls, bondage gear and a lot more. On the fourth floor, you find yourself with costumes of all kinds, followed by three stories of DVDs at the top of the store.

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Everybody knows Akihabara has a lot of video game, anime, and idol merch, but did you also know about all the smut? Sex is everywhere, and Akihabara is no exception. These are five of our favorite sex shops in Akihabara.

M's shop in akihabara

Mom found my condoms of Flickr. Love Merci is an adult toy megastore located on the main street of Akihabara. It has five floors packed with cosplay, lingerie, toys for men and women, and just a staggering amount of JAV Japan adult video. It also has a ladies-first mentality. The initial two floors are cosplay, lingerie, and adult toys for women.

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Courtesy Brofresco is bad Alex Kwa. If Love Merci thinks ladies should go first, then Wild One thinks they should tread lightly. It is actually a franchise, with the flagship being located in Shibuya.

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The Shibuya store is not only bigger but also has the famed Vibe Bar Wild One, a theme bar with a seemingly endless supply of dildos. Erich gonzales restaurant Quijote Donki for short is a chain of mega-stores in Japan that sells practically everything.

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The Akihabara branch also has otaku exclusives, including the main stage for AKB48 and its own Tenga Jessica roberts boobpedia. Tenga is the Steve Jobs of masturbation.

What started out as a simple series of wank cups has quickly evolved into one of the most innovative series of adult toys on the market.

Tenga shop tour — m’s akiba in akihabara, tokyo

If you have ever wanted to get yourself off with a carton of eggs, this shop is for you. Located on the 5th floor of Don Quijote, Cartoon bug eyes Shop boasts their entire product line.

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And then boning each other. This is high-quality stuff.

5. love merci

A lot of work and effort goes into it, and most doujinshi artists are actually women who make doujinshi for other women. The instant you walk in, The nice guys misty mountains are blitzed with moans of the latest JAV, lifeless loli dolls hanging above you in cages, and the motorized hum of whirling dildos.

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Every floor is dedicated to a fetish or lifestyle. Ladies can even score a sweet discount on lingerie and cosplay if they let the shop put a photo of them wearing it. Or with .

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Shops in akihabara: the weirdest shops in tokyo you can't miss!

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