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In this Skyrim romance guidewe'll be covering how to marry Aela the Huntressand win the heart of one of the most fearsome warriors in the Companions guild.

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Aela the Huntressa Nord thiefis one of the elite members of the legendary Companions who reside in Jorrvaskrthe overturned ship and mead hall in the Wind District of Whiterun. Aela is one of the highest-ranking members and as such, is a member of the secret group, the Circlealong with SkjorFarkas You porn indian, and Vilkas. She is a passionate hunter but does not always hunt for game, as a group of werewolf hunters have attracted her attention, Tumblr cut dicks reasons you will discover as you progress through the Companions quest linewhere she plays a huge part. Aela skyrim mod will also provide a variety of radiant questssome of which you will have to complete to advance in rank. She will you on many adventures and can be hired as your follower once the Companions quest line is completed. At that point, it is possible to ask for her hand, as she will be available for marriage.

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So I completed the companion quest line using the 'Enhanced Skyrim Factions: Companions' mod, which made it a lot better and made me want to take Aela along as my follower.

Will aela the huntress ever use werewolf form in combat?

The only problem is, she is completely boring! She barely has any area-specific dialogue. She has NO random dialogue, no combat dialogue that I can rememberetc. The only dialogue she seems to have is Undies underneath skyrim see that every day" and "Trouble ahead So disappointed!

She was an actual character with an actual personality by Skyrim's standardsbut she just went silent after that.

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I was going to consider marrying her, but not really anymore. Any way to get her to talk more?

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Any mods -- Well, I know there is a mod called 'Enhanced Skyrim Followers: Aela' but that relies too much on text based dialogue, and I don't like having subtitles turned on -- that address this? I don't find her particularly boring Amber rose fake ass she like a lot of followers do suffer from a lot of unique dialog.

Skyrim guide - how to marry aela the huntress

I have subtitles turned on for The dollhouse killeen I am talking to, not for people talking as I walk by. I had thought about trying the Enhanced Aela mod even if its a lot of silent dialog.

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There is no fix for this other then to hire a voice actor to completely redo all Aela's lines. Which I think the creator of the Enhanced mods had mentioned looking into doing.

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I might be wrong there. Since I RP though I do not actually rely on what a follower says to make them interesting, but rather what I imagine them to be saying when we're off exploring. Sex shows on directv much all NPCs are boring in Skyrim.

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Have you at least tried the mod with text-based dialogue? Having Linus tech tips gay read will seem really unpleasant if you're used to games with fully voiced dialogue, but if you force yourself to read it rather than skipping through it, then after an hour or so it'll seem completely natural and enjoyable. It's kind of like going back to games with outdated graphics.

Sometimes your eyes just need time to adjust.

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Right now, my character, Torm Greybear, went back to an earlier acquaintance. I think they are a good match. Better than Aela, at least.

Top 10 skyrim female follower mods that are great

Torm became the Harbinger, and decided to reinstate this person into the Companions. Can you guess who no cheating by link-peek? She comments on her surroundings more Gina lynn doggystyle Aela, at least. She's battled hardened, obviously.

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Seems like a good match, no? Return to V - Skyrim. Post a reply. Aela is boring They actually talk to you.

Skyrim guide - how to marry aela the huntress

Jenassa, of course, but I've already been down that road. I remember she liked to chat a bit. Could be an interesting option.