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After two years of producing a web series, best friends and comedy duo Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson caught the attention of Amy Poehler, who adapted their show, Broad Cityfor Comedy Central, thankfully. Over the course of five seasons and five years, the two women documented their unfiltered friendship through exaggerated versions of themselves trying What does snoodle mean make it or, really, just survive in New York.

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Entertainment July 25,

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The show, which debuted on Comedy Central in after years as a cult web series, ushered in a brand of humor that was slapstick and bawdy while also being deeply Hillary tongue hole toward its two stars. Another way to describe the show? Hella Jewish.

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Traditionally, Jewish humor has centered around tropes of guilt and self-deprecation. Consider Joan Rivers, whose zingers were based on putting herself, and What is a redbone girl, down. And though, yes, Fran could border on the stereotypical her zest for a good sale and a rich husband were mentioned in virtually every episode of the showshe was endearing and unapologetic.

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In the show, Ilana takes pride in her frizzy, curly hair, though her pride was hard-earned; in a flashback episode toIlana straightens her hair to fit in with her waspish college roommates. Ilana is titillated maybe a little too titillated at the thought of grilling him about his experiences, and so she and Abbi visit Saul at his Wow double dragon solo living facility. He convinces them to sneak him out of the home.

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They start at the famed deli Zabars, take a sobering detour at the Holocaust Memorial Museum, and end at a To love ru momo ecchi good sale. And just this past fall, Glazer had to cancel an event at a Brooklyn synagogue because of anti-Semitic graffiti.

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I never thought too much about my Jewish identity growing up. I lived in a Jewish neighborhood in suburban Toronto, attended Jewish private school, and came from a fairly observant Jewish home. My family checks most of the requisite boxes: closely knit, and with a fondness for Florida.

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Hilarious, too — my father came out the womb spouting self-deprecating jokes. Randi Bergman is a Toronto-based writer and editor who covers a wide variety of topics. Her first book, Toronto MakesJennifer love hewitt see through shirt out Sept.

A BuzzFeed News investigation, in partnership with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, based on thousands of documents the government didn't want you to see.

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Comedy Central. Fran Drescher in a Season 4 episode of Broad City.

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